What is Blizzard even doing? Just Look at this

This pretty much shows the difference between the beta and Game we were promised, like I cannot fathom the fact, this is gonna be the final game.

It seems like Reforged does not even have any Lighting, and it just simply darkens and brightens based on day night cycle.

The fog and De-saturation is not the issue, Then lighting itself is not even there. The we have the terrain which is complete garbage.

In the Demo we can see colours going for a realistic tone and grasses are dark and natural looking. Here we have Reforged where grass looks like neon paint and Dipsy from Teletubbies. This looks like some low quality 10$ indie game.

Like come on Blizzard, this is unacceptable


The worst part about this for me is the UI. I was really looking forward to that being changed and we’re back to the old crappy design.


I think they should just choose an art style and go with it. Personally i prefer happy jolly disney style artstyle and colors. Right now it feels incomplete. Very far from the realistic style and still a little far from the cartoony style. Its just strange. Like theres a ton of colors/saturation in the game that doesn’t go together with the grass color as it is. And even with the cartooney graphics, again that i prefer, it seems there is a bunch of graphics stuff missing. Better anti-aliasing, better shadows, more foliage aka grass, better lighting. I think with the stuff i just mentioned and jolly cartooney graphics the game would look great. The same could be said if it had more realistic color palette too. The og warcraft was going more for the cartooney look.


I think you nailed it on the head there. This game doesn’t know what it wants to look like. they should have committed to the oversaturated simplistic graphics or gone all the way on the other front like in the culling demo.


These vets and purists are great but their adamant no change attitude is causing a lot of issues, like not being able to use new engine and forcing them to use WC3 engine, they are still stuck in their childhood.


I can understand the want and need to maintain the older engine in an upgraded state to make existing custom maps work. That’s a choice I can support. But even with this older engine they could have done a lot better, which was shown in the initial demo.

The downgrade everyone is talking about is not really much to do with models or art. It’s the lighting they changed. In the beta right now we have a very flat lighting system that does not do the depth/roughness maps any justice. If blizzard reintroduces the old lighting that would be a big step in the right direction.


hey you don’t know the point. the problem is they won’t. and it is not only lighting, look at the trees the detail is gone.


Not as much the detail on the trees they’re just using a different model which is arguably worse. But again, I think this is in the name of replicating the old trees more accurately.

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the point is anyway there is horrible trees in WC3:RF and I never found trees like demo’s in terms of quality.


I like the old classic UI, and prefer it over the new hipster one.


Not sure what’s hipster about it. It just doesn’t take up as much of the screen which I think is generally better. I want to actually see the game I am playing and not have to look through the narrow visor the game leaves you with


Meanwhile terrain and lighting does look different, i dont think the classic ui is so bad, however it should be polished in a some way but icon and button placement is fine.

if you change ui from first beta, then most of the old players dont find the spell and so forth places during the combat using their muscle memory.

its also a bit weird question where i dont seem to know final answer, change can be good also…

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People can develop new muscle memory. I think hanging on to the old is a big issue with the development of this game. It is what holds it’s potential back.


Yeah sure you can renew everything but where you draw the line of being new version of warcraft 3 or something different game?
Why not actually make standalone game if you wanna totally new experience?

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It’s just UI though. Making the UI better and more functional and allowing you more screen space to appreciate the art and give you a better FOV doesn’t make it a different game.


Yeah but thats just one of the complaints, many said that they would also like unit cap raised to 200, and also unit selection count increased to unlimited.

These changes would actually effect gameplay together drasticially.

Also making screen bigger makes it maybe a little bit toughter to see what is going to the screen if there are happening multiple fights in different parts of the view area. Like if you see something below the current ui, but also are fighting in the middle of the ui. it just makes it different thats all i dont say its bad its just view point.


Well the unit cap should honestly be removed for custom games. Let map makers decide.


It can already be removed within the map editor easilly.


i dont see big diffrence, buildings and units are the same, the terrain and shadows ui are diffrent, but when reforged comes out they gonna add better shadows rendering polish the game better, and hopefuly they will add option so you can choose on which UI too play,The trees are diffrent on each map, i cannot understand how people think that beta is not something too judged cause the terrain is pretty unfinished if you look the buildings the shadows are undone its not yet finished.


Also, we get no reforged campaign :rage::rage::rage:.
Fudge blizzard.