I've paid for a Remake Not a reskin

EDIT: I didn’t expected this topic to blew up as it has, I wanted to thank you for partaking in this discussion and voicing your opinion (whether you’re in favor of their decisions or not.). I made this post in the first place to give my opinion regarding the various announcements that was made during the Warcraft 3 Panel and the dev interview (that was reported by Back2Warcraft) and how I didn’t agree to their decisions and that the Warcraft 3:Reforged team should give what was advertised during Blizzcon 2018 when they stated taking preorders. I’ve made mistakes in my original post (like the rebalancing point) I’ve removed the false information and I apologise for the mistake, it was never my intention to mislead anyone. All I ask for is to respect everyone’s opinion in this thread, stay in the subject of this topic and add constructive criticism to the topic.
(TLDR: Thanks for participating in this topic, Be respectful to everyone’s opinion, Stay in the subject of this topic, Add constructive criticism and to the Warcraft 3: Reforged team : Give to the consumers what you’ve promised a year ago)

So, from what we heard at the Warcraft 3 Panel and the dev interview, a lot of promised content have been cut:

  • Cutscenes (Apart of Arthas Vs Illidan) - Cut
  • New English voice over with WoW voice actors - Cut
  • Storyline coherence with W3 event depicted in WoW (Except buildings changes and map changes like The Culling of Stratholm) - Cut

What do we have now? A $40 reskin of a 18 year old game.

I am genuinely considering refunding it because at this point, Warcraft 3: Reforged is a deceitful piece of media, a shame and a stain to Warcraft 3’s legacy and the Warcraft Licence in general, from it’s announcement t’ll today.

From it’s announcement at last year Blizzcon, they’ve showed the announcement cinematic, Then they stated that they woudn’t be remaking every cinematic, Some preordered at that moment and many people were pissed but we gave them a pass. They’ve shown (and made a playable demo) with new cutscenes, new voice-over with WoW voice actors and storyline coherence with WoW. We preordered at that moment with the hope of experiencing a new, better Warcraft 3.

But we should not, WE MUST NOT give them a pass on the missing features that we, as customers, were promised a year ago. We were promised the features mentionned above.

I’ve pre-ordered the game in the hope of experiencing Warcraft 3 with better graphics, better voiceovers better gameplay and better cutscenes and ALL of this is cut. We’ve been lied to, we’ve been decieved.

The only way to fix this mess, is to deliver what you’ve promised to your customers.


That was the biggest selling point for me personally which made me want to play the campaign again with some updated grpahics.
i feel so dissapointed with blizzard now.
Already took long since we had any news, now we know why…


they should rename the title to:
Warcraft 3 : Recut


oh no no, you’ll make them “purists” angry with your valid and your absolute right to criticize and feel anger at this “scam” that was blown right at our faces


My refund process is ongoing, and I hope i’ll get refunded. I am no longer interested in this game.


W3:R has always been the same as any of their other remastered efforts (Diablo 2 and Starcraft), a true to the original version with updated graphic. Why any player would believe it was suppose to be something other than that seems odd to me.


The thing is though if it were a polished reskin I wouldn’t even mind it. We’re a month from release and still don’t know what Undead and Night Elves look like… (half the races in the game)

The humans and orcs in the “beta” aren’t even close to finished–mouths don’t move in portraits, 2,200 models are very unpolished, and to be frank, the game runs like crap. Menus are choppy, gameplay has hiccups and is full of bugs. I ordered because I love WC3 and was promised, at the very least, a beautiful remaster of the game… SC2 (which came out when, 2010?) looks better than this “beta.”

Just a lot of letdowns with this. I was really expecting more by now, especially with them being completely silent for a YEAR. Blizz understood their fans during the WoW conference and Diablo and OW are getting quite a bit love too, and their games probably won’t release until 2020 (WoW) or 2021 (D4 and/or OW2…D4 maybe 2022 knowing Blizz lol)

Fingers crossed this “beta” (even the terrible looking one at Blizzcon) is the build from months ago and isn’t close to the final build as far as polish goes.


The expectation was based on their promises from last year.


This sux indeed.

I see this as a win. Old voices are 100 times better than anything wow has done.

Again a win for me. Christie golden can’t ruin wc3 now.

They released many patches since last year. So yeah they are doing it so fake news about they not doing it.


100% agreed…the only loss for me is that if they wont redo the ingame cutscenes to look like the Stratholme cutscene did last year.

As for Christie Golden, the irony is that I actually LOVED her “Lord of the Clans” and “Rise of the Horde” books. Best Warcraft novels out there in my honest opinion. But writing story for video game is different matter than writing a book and often what works for the other might not work for the other.

If we ever get Warcraft IV, we can only hope that Chris Metzen would decide to return from retirement to write the story for it, continuing it from WC3: TFT


thanks God! You should be grateful that they set you free on story and lore inconsistancy, unnecessary characters and endless nonsence retcons


Honestly, Blizzard should take some extra time. I don’t care about an asap release, I want it to be good. I was hoping for new voice acting (because honestly, the new ‘more realistic’ models don’t fit the goofy va), I was hoping for a different campaign (I am one of the few who actually likes WoW storytelling) with various retcons.

Opinions will differ, obviously. I think there’s one thing that we can all agree on and that is that if Blizzard needs extra time for reforged to be as good as the original, then they should take it.

(Just look at the MCC for PC, they’re taking a ridiculous amount of time after the initial announcement, but that’s because they want it to be good.)


Plus possibly really cringy dialogue if the writing is anything like it is currently in World of Warcraft…


Don’t mind me just came to agree and bump the post so that more people can see.


You’re entitled to your opinion but I paid for what was advertised, and it got cut, I’m out of Reforged now


Yeah thats sucks, but we can only thank people who still live in 2003, they making so much braindead topics, and crying about new campaign similar to wow lore :slight_smile:


You have your opinion but I belive that this game could have benefited of that lore update, and in my opinion some of WoW voice actors are better than their W3 counterpart (Liam O’Brien as Illidan) but i have to say that W3 Arthas (Justin Gross) is better than WoW Arthas (Patrick Seitz) but still, I would have loved to hear the WoW voices I am familliar with, but now it’s scrapped, like I said above, i’m done with Reforged.


Good, cause most of us WC3 fans here wanted NONE of the WoW’s voice actors in the game we love and are passionate about. Most of us were just fine with visual/graphical remake, NOT something that was created to please fans of World of Warcraft.

My hope is that this clear more and clear rift between those who like to listen to WoW’s voice actors and story and those who enjoy what was created in 2002-2003 and would like to see continuation for that. That should make the job for Blizzard all the more easier when they design Warcraft IV as to what audience/target group they have to keep in mind. And Im glad that in this case the voice/outcry of Warcraft III fans seem to have won. Either way whether Blizzard used this as “excuse” to scrap content that was promised, atleast its clear that they DID read the initial feedback that fans wanted the old voice cast to remain and not replaced.


I love warcraft 3 more than I love WoW.
I love Chris and I think EVERYTHING Christie golden has written is a pile of smoking crap expecially anything post wotlk.

WoW butchered Warcraft lore and universe. Nothing will convince me otherwise.

BUT. What was promised with WC3:R was a MODERN take on a long time classic which would bridge both fanbases with a fleshed out lore, revamped campaign, improved cinematics, modern mechanics.

This I hoped would breathe new life into a new version of the game i loved. All new for me to discover.

I was even strongly against warcraft 3 backwards compatibility, because that will be a big techincal castration on the new game.

We end up getting a reskin.


i paid for a reskin only.