Why does Warcraft 3 Reforged look so awful now?!

Don’t believe me? Look!

2018: MFPallytime Plays Warcraft III Reforged @ #Blizzcon2018 - Hands on First Impressions - YouTube

2019: Grubby | HUMAN - New graphics! - YouTube

My friend says it looks like the original game and that the Blizzcon one looked AMAZING. I completely agree. What happened?!

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Called a beta and not fully released yet?

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I think this is way more than just a beta problem. Here’s the approach I think you’re going to take. It’ll go like this:

“It’s just a beta!”
game gets released
“It just got released!”
Game gets an update
“It just got updated! It’s not ready yet!”

This is a seriously bad downgrade in quality which makes me worry about reforged’s future.


I don’t know what to say, I clearly heard before that people saying the maps look grim and not colorful enough, now I’m here seeing the color grading upgrade and still seeing people still not satisfied with the graphics. I even pity Blizz at this point because endless barrage of complain about this.

And no, I’m the guy who’s okay with both version of the graphics. So suck it up, let them focus on some of the wonky model and animation bugs first…


Then wait for the actual “It just got released!” stage and then start complaining.

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Then people will say to wait for the update patch to start complaining and the cycle of delay will continue. It’s bad now. I’m complaining now


Beta? You mean a betalpha that’s about to be released in a month. This game will look exactly like this on release.


Once released, it’s released. They’re not going to change the graphics anymore. Right now is actually the best time to complain but honestly it’s hopeless. Unless they’re going to pull a sonic redesign I really doubt they have the resources to do so. Better start accepting the game’s crappy graphics so you don’t get disappointed.


Thats just not true, the original looks much better.


In this 2019 beta the game lost so many good graphics aspects that The Culling from Blizzard2018 already had and now disappeared:

    • The Reflections, Realistic Lighting, Shaders, Post Effects, Realistic Rendering, Realistic Shadows, Realistic Trees, Ambient Occlusion, Ray Tracing, Day and Night Reflections, Realistic Grass, Anti Aliasing, Tree Winds, New UI, New Mini Map, Some Colors, Realistic Terrain and other things…

please we have seen so many Betas in gaming Industry now, nothing changes in final product. Enough of this argument. This does not have any value in Today’s Game development.

It’s Just a beta, is as futile as Praise the Lord.


It is never futile to praise the Lord.


maybe, if you are lucky Blizzard will fix the lag and desync issues before release.


I hope your right. But if the game comes out and looks like the beta it will be a disaster.


yo i dont see any difference beside light/filter. what do you exactly mean?

there are still things to do and to tweak/change but your “friend” is a littely whiny kid and who is either blind or a troll. its still a massive and very creative update.


it looks like “The Culling” Beta was on sc2 engine:

  • units moves so smooth;
  • there are lots of self-shadows on trees;
  • water surface and reflections;
  • models of cliffs (you can saw them near water);
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It was not


because you said that? So why they downgrade such ALRDY working elements like water, better shading, cliff models, textures of grass?

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The Culling was Demo,If you can’t see the differents between Beta and Demo versions - You’re kinda weird…
The Culling - Is how the game will look like at release

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People who say its just a beta honestly… why are you even on the forums. They exist quite literally for feedback