This is why the graphics changed

What happened to the shadows on the grass? What happened to the trees? Where is the lighting? Where is the reflection?


“Maybe you don’t have a good enough PC to know what good graphics is”

I mean I have a $3400 Alienware ALX that’s less than a year old, w/GTX 2080. Pretty sure that qualifies as a good PC.

“I’m genuinely confused on why you decided to crank down the saturation for the 2019 beta”

A simple experiment to show the “realistic atmosphere” people were complaining about was nothing more than a simple adjustment to contrast and saturation…

“In fact the screenshot for 2018 looks way better”

The only thing I see that’s different aside from the thick layer of grey smog covering everything, are the aggressive “shadow puppets” being casted on the terrain by every object on the screen.

This discussion has already taken place a few times. We realize you spergs love the RTX shadows that nobody who plays multiplayer in their right mind would want to look at for more than 5 minutes…

We get it though, graphics look better as you make things more realistic, the problem is where realism gets in the way of game play, and for multiplayer, literally every unit on the screen casting black shadows onto everything is something people think they want, but they don’t…

Just look at the Unreal Engine video a few people posted. Like 60% of the objects on the screen are covered in complete darkness, 100% BLACK shadows.

Looks cool? Yeah… for sure. Would anyone want to play a multiplayer RTS like this? No…

It’s easy to look at still shots and point out what looks better, it’s harder to watch a video of both, side by side, and accept the reality that games are more fun when you don’t have 600 environmental effects on the screen, all moving around, drawing your eye away from what’s actually important.

Sorry bud but good graphics and good visibility are not mutually exclusive. This is simple game design 101, if blizzard can’t even find the balance between the two then maybe they should hire better artists. Also the shadows in say… 99% of PC games can be lowered or removed in the game graphical settings if you do find them too distracting. Same with the environmental assets, bloom, reflection, particle effects, shadering, whatever crap you hate to see.

Why are you taking that away from us? I seriously cannot compute that.


“Why are you taking that away from us? I seriously cannot compute that.”

Nobody is “taking” anything away from you… The game hasn’t been released yet. You have no idea what is being worked on right now. Nobody does.

WoW? Graphics 10/10
Overwatch? Graphics 10/10
Diablo? Graphics 10/10
HoTS? Graphics 10/10


/squealing pig noises

You spent half an hour writing that? Thought you would come up with something insightful, guess not.

Edit: oh btw Alienware ALX came out in 2009. You sure what you said about your PC is true?

Alienware Area 51 R5

ALX was my last one. And yeah that one was older…

The units are drastically less busy compared to last year.

The terrain was also simplified so that units could pop off the terrain. When the terrain is hyper detailed like last year, you can’t tell what is going on.

And many people I talked to at BlizzCon were complaining about the art.

You never know the point. Yes, if they got feedback it sure was great things to do. If people want its graphics more like WC3 Classic it is Okay, and acceptable to us. but they can do it with improved graphics not lower and terrible graphics like today. When getting feedback there is no need to downgrade graphics. Graphics quality same or higher but satisfy feedback. We never care whether it looks like 2018 demo. It is not our point at all. We only care it looks great in “any possible way”. The only reason people are complaining is not because it is not same with 2018 demo, but because its graphics are terrible and downgraded even one year after. OKAY? Pls say something knowing the point!

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Hey Purist, stop LYING

Now i will show to you and to the other guys some quotes from 2018! Lets go!

Is about an topic from 2018!

The name of topic is: “Blizzard your art style is perfect dont change”

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Now the Quotes of the topic! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Thank you for your job for quoting threads but unfortunately It is not justifiable because you can pick what you want. No one can generalize how their opinions were unless he is God. The point is not how they want. The point is even though they did want WC3 Classic back those days, it is never justifiable for lowering the graphics after one whole year.

This is why it is not a good idea for companies like Blizzard to listen to all the idiots outside, if somebody has a vision to make a great game, make it, then let all the noble prize winners who are so clever in making a game to struggle and swallow their own bad ideas .


The QUOTES are from people REQUESTING the modern graphics! For this are quoted, we have the evidences! And we have more Topics and Posts requesting that too! So… Hey Purist, stop to try ruin the future of Warcraft 3 Reforged. The group of the purists are small and minimal portion.


My point is you can’t generalize anything based on what you picked. People never believe your quotes especially someone who is opposing your opinion. They will definitely say that you picked Quotes being suitable for your opinions only. it is not important what your quotes are saying. and by the way, I don’t want it to be ruined. I am the one who wants it to be perfect deep in mind. Don’t insult my intend

Purists always wants to stop the improvements. Them try everything to ruin the game just to scare the newcomers players and them try to keep being the old fanbase just trying to ruining the success of the game, because that they joke saying them want simple graphics. Some explanation saying about the Purists.

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The problem is, the 2018 graphics were not better. I couldn’t tell what was happening in the game when I played it at Blizzcon.

I gave the feedback, and I know most people in line were saying the same thing.

What is pretty and what is playable are two different things.


I doubt they are taking anything away.

What we’ve seen is most of the capabilities are in the game, they’re just not allowed to play on max settings or cranked far enough to match the original demo.

Now I know some things like terrain look terrible, and the lighting is off. This is something that could be added and changed later in the process, as what they seem to be doing is focusing on optimization and frame rate. If they just allow people to max out the settings then it may impede on the work and data they’re collecting right now. We’re seeing similar things with other features that have been missing being added in slowly, like a skin chooser or updating unit animations. Lighting is usually the last thing that’s tackled.

Is what I’m saying a guarantee that the game will look better? Of course not. What I’m saying is there is room for them to improve and update the graphics given that what they seem to be testing is optimization and bugs more than giving us full access to a final build. We don’t know if this is what they plan to give us as a final product.

Lighting and Shadows may be optional toggles moving forward. We simply don’t know yet, and I think beta is not a good indicator of this. As for people saying they should add in top settings so people can test right now - Well, yes, they should add a lot of things for people to test like male DK and the campaigns for testing too and custom maps and 12v12 maps. But that would be pushing things to breaking limit, and that is not a good way to test and collect data when you know people are already having trouble with current graphics settings getting good FPS on a 4v4.

That is why I think having some patience is necessary to see things through. I am not saying stop the criticism and feedback - This is necessary. What I am saying is don’t treat this as Blizzard taking something away from us, because we don’t know if that is true.

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worse worse worse ? calm down from your high horse.

Terrain looks more closer to classic, so you’re basically saying classic looks like sh!t which you can get lost in that case.

Purists always wants to stop the improvements.”

#1 tactic of people with no argument. Start everything with a false premise.


The terrain was great in W3 TFT… Back in 2003… 17 years later and the terrain looks like sh!t! Try comparing the terrain in your precious classic to a 2019 game and see how that compares.


Yes! Agreed! Terrain need some improviments! Now this terrain of beta look so weak and simple! And so much overcolor too! Needs match again with the last year terrain! They have shown a smooth terrain in demo, so needs match again with that i think!