Blizzard, Your art style is perfect! Don't change it


The devs have explicitly stated that the original is too cartoon-like, and that they went with a more realistic approach because Warcraft is not a cartoon (probably hinting at Overwatch).


Crazy world we’re living in, if people think overwatch isn’t cartoony. lol.


I wasn’t clear enough. Imo, Overwatch is the definition of a cartoon, and Blizzard are familiar with it enough that they feel weird with WC3 being in any way similar to it.


I wish that blizzard adds cloud shades which are passing by through the map.

Imagine the worker which chopps wood and the cloud passes by above him. What a harmonic moment.:relieved:


what about wind and trees, smoke, fire, dust moving in its direction ?


There would be no need to go out anymore :relieved:


this is definitely the aim :smiley:


Despite the information that Blizzard outsourced the art to that company Lemon Sky, I think they did a great job with the models. It strikes a nice balance of WC3 and what WC2 would look like in HD.


I like the new art style much better than the old! I started warcraft with Warcraft 2 and have played 1-3 plus expansions and as much as I love the old games, I do want fancier graphics now. I like what they are doing with this game, very much. I hope they keep it.


I actually love the art style as well. The buildings and units look great, and the metallic look is amazing and it looks just like the cinematics!

I’m not sure I’m digging the way the Ghoul, the Paladin’s face nor the Footman’s shield look. But otherwise, looks fantastic.

For those who like the old art style, just turn off the new one? You can actually do that.


I see.
Well, “cartoon” doesn’t say enough to be honest, all blizzard games are cartoony, but they all have (or had) different styles. Actually I see more similarities between reforged and overwatch, than with the original game. Even if this is just because of rendering tech.


How come the HotS dev doesn’t put his hands on RF? I really liked the alliance vs horde map (or mod if you will) which was released recently


I second that. I like me a bit of WC2 in 3D + WC3 with tweaks.


I would really enjoy it if they could add periodically new hero skins (like in HotS)


Which person that still plays wc3 in 2018 asked for ‘better graphics’ ? except for the failures of life that are completely stuck with wc3, like grubby, like b2w. Nobody.

This ‘product’ is aimed specifically and strictly at new players. because as many people as possible have to buy your modern art project disguised as a game. Utter and disgusting cashgrab, this product should have been massively ill-received, even worse than diablo mobile. But thanks to again, the losers of the community, grubby & cassandra, b2w, this product is undeservedly encouraged by most people that cannot actually think for themselves.

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We all, well, in particular, I for sure loved Warcraft 3 for the atmosphere, overtaking the darkness, all these clouds, sounds of thunder, sparkling lightning, contrast (black places on the characters depicting shadows), mysteriousness, but in the mission of the Stratholme where Arthas kills the inhabitants of the city In the original, it was presented in very dark tones, with heavy rain, and even during the day it seemed that the rays of light did not make their way onto these doomed lands … In the reformed one we see very bright tones no contrast no darkness tee, no rain, everything is so fun and bright, so fun to kill innocent people, right? … By the way, the thunderstorm was delivered to minecraft, and so it seems to me that now even there the thunderstorm is epic, thunder and lightning are more atmospheric than reforged even in cinematic, seriously, compare … I really hope that Blizzard will add normal tones to the game and, most importantly, the weather effect of thunderstorms will be delivered in a decent form, a gloomy, epic rain, goose bumps causing thunder on the skin and sharp, epic sparkling lightning. I really hope so. (because the sounds of thunderstorms in blue-tinted forged, well, very bad, it can not even be called a thunderstorm).


You seem cranky. Make sure you eat three meals a day and take time for yourself. Listen to music you enjoy.


The cartoony nature of Warcraft is literally what has kept it alive.


I like the classic style. The new style is also great. The only thing I’d feel would diminish my prise would be if every unit looked epic, like a hero or just not similar to the original model at all.

I’ve only seen images from Blizzcon and those footmen look damn epic, and that’s bad, they look way to special/important. Simpler look on units please.


It’s such a great style. Does anyone know or know someone that has suggested Night elf ground? Undead get dead looking ground however I was thinking it would look cool if blizzard did like a nice root, lively look to the grass for night elf… Wonder if blizzard have considered this