OMG! I can go back to Classic TFT now. Everyone Come read! :D :)

Hi, Everyone, for whom wants to go back to Classic TFT.

-Go to Downloads on Downloads – Blizzard Entertainment
-Download Warcraft® III: Public Test Realm
-After download it, Install it, then Click on Warcraft® III Public Test Icon on your destop. Launch it!
Now you are back to Classic TFT :smiley: :slight_smile:
Now you can make a new account. I think blizzard combined all 4 world servers into 1now. everyone is in here now. add your old friends back and we play.

Please Leave this a reply and like after you done, so make this to top, so everyone can see this, and come back to TFT Classic. thank you.

Bye now reforge, let’s wait for they fix all the bug, able to add friend and make profiles. we will be back to try again.

Its been 18 years. they should have worked on making Warcraft 4 instead of reforged. have they started making it yet? We want to keep everything good from the original Warcraft 3, but we need a totally new game. My dear Blizzard, what have you been doing this many years?


Are you playing Classic Warcraft 3 as we speak?


yes, classic TFT.


Can you revert to Reign of Chaos and play its campaign?

Can you apply mod campaigns to Custom Campaigns in TFT?

Can I completely just avoid Battlenet as in don’t press the battlenet button in the main menu of the game to avoid updates?


thank you very much, more people need to see this


Share this as much as you can guys, you are a lifesaver


You get access to both RoC and TFT

You can make a new folder in your documents/warcraft3 folder, named Campaigns and put custom campaigns in there. Same for custom maps (name folder ‘Maps’).

You can go into the files and find a raw .exe that avoids the launcher, and yes, you can avoid clicking battle net for updates.

I downloaded it yesterday and the new Reforged client won’t let me log onto Classic anymore, when I’ve owned the game since 2003 :slight_smile:


So only launch the game from that exe within the install folder?

Yes, the download comes with 3 folders. A Data, x86 and x86_64 folder. Data is obvious, but the other two hold .exes for the game and world editor based on what your PC can run

Lots of people playing custom maps in that now?

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yes more ppl are coming back to tft.


I don’t plan to play online with it, I can just play only campaign and offline custom games and custom campaigns?


Inb4 taken down by Activision


u dont wanna play with friends online?

Nah, my enjoyment of Warcraft 3 was always the single player content.

I always play RTSes alone. And I played this game for the story and campaign.


But we cannot play on old


Ok so I have it installed.

What do I do now because when I try to launch it I got the CDKey requirement.


they need your original warcraft 3 cd key. just enter that and you can play.

My old CD key of my disc is invalid :frowning:


they ask for the reign of chaos cd key, not the tft one right?