Bring Back Old Client

How does this game company decide that it is ok to kill the old client. For people like myself who played the original Warcraft 3 since its launch in 2002 (on and off), I can no longer play it, and how is that ok? I own that game.

Also I bought the deluxe version of the remake and it is a downgrade in so many ways. The game is buggy beyond what is normally acceptable, and my experience is filled with crashes and spikes despite my computer meeting the recommended specs (in fact, far surpassing in graphics card; Geforce GTX 1060). And to kill the option to play the classic version, which I paid for and rightfully own, and downright despicable. I spit on you Blizzard. I own so many of your games and even paid for Hearthstone content. You got my last bit of money.

How can you force people who own the original game to play the downgraded version. No stats, no ladder, no clans. Where are the contents you promised and enticed me to pre-order? And now I can’t get a refund because I pre-ordered and played in the beta lol. Whoever decided to kill the original client should resign immediately. He’s not fit to make big decisions like that. Who gave him the power to void all the purchases we have made since 2002 buying the original game? Is that even legal?

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that really does works fine

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PTR no longer works unless you have a WoW account

https: //discord .gg/MAB5dum

You can’t bring back the old client. As an older player (I was on bnet 1.0 in 97) you look back and think of the key generators, flood/load bots with warring clans, and the many many bots and could be banned without any consequence, cause you could just generate a new key. Not to mention double registering names.