WARNING! To those who haven't Installed the Update yet!

I’ve tried to ask the community about it but got ignored…

So I go on my own way to find answers and saw this…



The author of that fanbyte post was mislead.

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Not for long, Pppery.

That PTR client won’t exist forever. It’ll be replaced by a Reforged PTR client soon enough.

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Well lets hope not…

As long as we don’t update the game, it should be fine, for now at least…

Man… I guess its too much for us to enjoy the game without any of this problematic and compromising stuff… :cry:

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aaaaaaaaand its gone. :rofl:
They took PTR down.


You’re right… :sob::sob::sob::sob:

It’s still available on the download site. Grab it before its gone there too.

Where and how???
Is it still available?

In your Account Management under the “Classic Games” section of “Download Games

If the PTR was taken off the launcher, it’s possible that the multiplayer will be gone in the PTR, like all the old versions. I’m not at home to check it out.

Wait sorry I’m a little a confused?

Do you mean i have to redownload my Classic WC 3 even though i already have one?

Oh, I was just pointing out that the PTR installer is still available there, because it was mentioned above that the PTR was taken down (which I assume meant the PTR servers).

Even if the PTR is down, that installer should still install version 1.31.

I think the warning the topic creator was trying to say was…

Be aware that the 1.32.1 update may require as much as 30 GB to download. This is because it contains the Reforged assets even if Reforged is not owned. This is so that they can be used inside World Editor by Classic owners to create compatible maps with.

My current classic WC 3 was still on version 1.31. though… Yet still it doesn’t work…

Update: I clicked the download link you gaved me, then clicked on Classic WC 3 TFT, but surprise 2x, the paused WC 3 reforged update continues… :expressionless:
Oh well looks like it’s inevitable…
Still thank you so much for helping me…

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It sounds like you clicked the main game. You want the one named “Public Test Realm”.

You will need to update to 1.32.1. Sadly very little of the current install will be kept since Blizzard majorly revised how Warcraft III manages data. For example all textures are now DDS instead of BLP so all the BLP textures get thrown away and redownloaded as DDS. Custom BLP textures in custom maps will still be loaded for backwards compatibility.

Next to the lack of a Classic only deployment, the rest of the process is pretty painless. If you have RoC keys attached to your BattleNet account which are in good standing it should just work after the update is finished.

Only for multiplayer. The older versions of the game can be installed and everything except multiplayer will be available.

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Such versions will have more bugs and all new custom maps will not be playable.

I wouldn’t claim more bugs. 1.27 is quite stable. 1.30 and 1.31 are decent as well.

Currently, they don’t have the plethora of campaign bugs that Reforged is still working out.

Besides, it depends on what the player is looking for. One has been a version of the game that is a tenth of the size. Another has been Custom Campaigns. Etc.

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Sooo uhmm, here I am downloading WC 3 TFT public test, is this any different to the other WC 3 games in the website? And what happens to the ones I currently have? And does the public test version also needs the CD keys?

Sorry for the questions, this is all new to me…

But still less stable than 1.32 which fixed a lot of the crashes added by 1.31. For example terrain selection in World Editor.

Public Test version is temporary. It will eventually be removed. From what I understand it is basically the pre-release of one of the 1.31 patches so even more buggy than that.