I just wanted to continue leisurely playing Classic

My Battle Tag?

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Your middle name, your credit card information, your real address, when did you born, how much money do you have in your bank account, etc …

Also, based on your first created topic in the forums, you basically barely played the game at all .

So… I recently patched up after not having played the game, like, forever.

So … you barely had and have any interest in W3 ( Classic or Reforged ) , so … I was right. You are here just to spread the hate and for the “lolz” ( hence, your name too ). So stop pretending you care. You never cared.

Seriously, move on! Go to other game and start your … crusade. I know Reforged is “hot” now , but … you are bad at trolling, really!

Thanks for your understanding!

Yeah, because I didn’t play the game for a time before september, that’s definite proof I didn’t do a stint after that.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Based on your last reply’s in here, you have really nothing to say anymore.

And ( I quote you ) “…not having played the game, like, forever” , means exactly that, and not “…for a time”.

So your …whining is basically trolling at this point.

Thanks for clearing this up! There are many, many more like you on this forums and who voted 0’s on metacritics which barely played the game ( if ever ), but are just jumping on the hate train because is the “new cool thing to do this days”.

You said you purchased RoC when it first came out, so I take it that you are … mature ( to some degree ) , so I really can’t imagine, why you are here crying over something which you do not care about?

Lets break it down again into 3 categories:

  • Singleplayer
  • Multiplayer
  • Graphic Fidelity

Lets start with Singleplayer:

  1. There are no Custom Campaigns anymore.
  2. The promised 4+ hours of new cinematics are not there.
  3. Multiple voicelines have been taken out (eg Dryad’s “I’m so drunk” line, Grom never is referred to Grom).
  4. Several scenes and game play elements have been taken out (exploding knights, killable children etc).
  5. ROC models have been taken out and replaced with their TFT counterparts (ballista etc)
  6. ROC campaign now uses TFT balancing.

On to Multiplayer:

  1. Gimped Customs due to new BNET rules (no custom models, copyright material etc).
  2. No LAN functionality.
  3. No Clans.
  4. No Cross Region play.
  5. No Ladders.
  6. No Player Profiles.
  7. No Classic chat system.

On Graphic Fidelity:

  1. Classic graphics in the new client have missing shadows, spell effects.
  2. The new graphics are jank.
  3. The new animations are jank.
  4. Some people cannot run Reforged with the new graphics (hardware type or optimization maybe?)
  5. Some models never made it into the new client.

I’m sure I’m missing alot of stuff, which I’m sure someone could confirm in this thread.

Yeah, by these metrics I would say the entire game was gimped. There is not a single part of the game that has not had a feature removed from. I don’t expect to get a decent reply from you, since I’m pretty sure you’re just here for the laughs.

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You got everything off your chest?

There’s nothing else you wanna share?

I had to chuckle about this one. :rofl: How leisurely do you play? The game is over 15 years old.

I don’t have any specific count. At times I play or fiddle with maps for, well, maybe an hour or a few hours a day for maybe a couple of months, and then I pick it up after some downtime. A lot more than that before 2015, though.

Depends on the locals as well, I suppose. There’s not many from the old LAN-crowd who want to go at it these days.

They will added it and is NOT a game breaking.

Source saying 4 hours of NEW cinematics, please!

…really? Is that what stops you for playing/purchasing the game?!

Grow up maybe? And again, nothing game breaking.

Old models, new game. You are basically here for crying that they didn’t added new stuff, yet … at the same time you cry for not keeping the old ones. Make up your mind please…

Well , balancing. Means exactly that, balancing. They were bad. Plus, campaign. Really ?!

So , let’s say you add McDonalds COPYRIGHT material into your map. What happens when McDonalds issue a warning to Blizzard over COPYRIGHT materials?!

Welcome to 2020. When was the last time you played LAN ( in the real meaning ) ?

Will be added.

Well , I assume cross play region was due to the fact that there were few people playing? Nonetheless , how is this game breaking ?!

Will be added.

Will be added.


Actually, many /facepalm I had reading your post.

Which , mostly, they will added this. Nothing serious. Right?

Personal opinion in here right? Because I like them. Sure, there is room for improvement, I give you that, but … they are ok, even now.

Well, not for me.

Isolated cases. Happens when new games release.

Which ?

Which “a lot of stuff” more have you missed? Please, do share.

So, based on your missing features, beside Clan, Profile, Ladder and more Graphics option, which I assume they will soon release a patch, if not for all, at least for 1 or 2 options, what exactly triggered the hate for you? No LAN? No Classic Chat? That you don’t like the new graphics? This kind of stuff?

Well, anyways…
I thought about a run through Mass Effect.
Class suggestions, people?

OMG! I can go back to Classic TFT now. Everyone Come read! :D :) OP, You can

Hmm. Interesting. Worth a look.

Just like they added ladders into the Starcraft Remaster, right? It doesn’t even matter if they add it in later, why should anyone play on the Reforged client when they had access to these features literally just a few days ago.

You are right, I will give this one to you. The Reforged webpage currently says 4+ hours of reshot cutscenes. However I think this is a little misleading considering how they showed off the “new” Culling cinematic in 2018.

Yes, that’s exactly it. Removing content that was previously in the game and forcing people to play the new PC experience just because some people may be offended is akin to censorship in my book. The abrasive humor added some charm to the Warcraft experience, and seeing it taken out just because Blizzard wants to appeal to a different audience really makes me feel like they don’t care about their original fanbase or the authenticity of their game.

No, it’s supposed to be a visual upgrade to the classic Warcraft, not literally taking models out of the game. If Reforged was literally just a graphic and UI upgrade, this wouldn’t be an issue, but it’s not. Even people who didn’t pay for Reforged have to deal with this bullsh*t, they don’t have a choice.

Also, nowhere did I say that I want them to add new stuff. Don’t misrepresent my arguments.

There’s a difference between balancing the multiplayer via regular patches and literally replacing the balancing in ROC with TFT balancing. This also applies to ROC LAN, so those who prefer or wanted to go back and play ROC with their friends are forced to use the new Reforged balancing and mechanics.

Also, no one asked or wanted the original ROC system to be axed, nor did anyone want to be forced on to the Reforged client.

This is a dead giveaway that you never really played Wc3 customs. There are thousands of games that have copyrighted material in them, custom models ripped from copyright games etc. You ever play Canned Bread? Any anime games? Lord of the Rings games? DotA? All of those games are now unplayable. This is going to kill the Warcraft 3 community.

Additionally, this was never an issue for Blizzard in StarCraft and Warcraft 3 because at the time, Blizzard never took ownership of your material. They did this now because they will never accept another custom game like DotA from slipping through their hands again. This is the same exact thing that killed the StarCraft 2 customs scene on arrival, and it’s happening to Warcraft Reforged right now. One of the reasons Warcraft 3’s legacy lasted so long was because of the freedom custom map makers had. Now Blizzard’s greed will kill any hope of Reforge lasting another decade.

I literally had a LAN party with 12 other people last weekend at my place. We played SRB2 Kart, UT04, Cursed Halo, and a bunch of other games, including Orc Gladiators in Warcraft 3.

Additionally, I’ve set up a VLAN so all of us can play Warcraft 3 customs whenever we want over LAN. Nice to know that we can’t do that anymore in an official capacity. Just because you don’t play LAN or don’t have any friends doesn’t mean that people don’t use LAN.

Refer to my first argument.

Could you imagine being able to play online with anyone across the world on Battlenet just a few days ago? Could you imagine being forced into an new client that doesn’t allow you to play across regions, effectively shrinking the player pool? Have you never played a game with a foreigner? Absolutely ridiculous.

Also, something doesn’t have to be necessarily gamebreaking for it to be criticized.

Again, refer to my first argument.

Very funny. Nice argument.

Not only did the game release unfinished and with bugs and optimization issues, but the people who didn’t even buy it are forced to play the new client that has all of these issues. Ever see the IceFrog sh*t eating comic?

Mediocre graphics are totally worth all the bug and removed content, right? Give me a break.

Imagine damage controlling this hard.

I believe one of the ORC models with the marine armor. If you play Legion TD you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’m sure there are others I am unaware of as of now.

I don’t need to tell you, just take a look at the forums. While your at it, take a look at the metacritic score as well.

You are cattle. I hope you enjoy playing with a new Reforged Experience!

The PTR builds don’t support LAN. If you want to get an old build, check this out: For those who want to play Classic Warcraft 3

not to butt in, but holy bad faith arguments on kabal’s part! rather than addressing actual points, he tries to discredit the other person by nitpicking their wording or making claims that they don’t “care” enough to have an opinion? as if no one’s ever drifted away from a game for a few years and then rediscovered their love for it, and as if newer players aren’t allowed to be unhappy that the game they purchased has been overwritten

and i mean, really, just because he doesn’t use LAN anymore, that must mean no one else does? as a lover of old FPS’s, i’ve been having a blast in the last year or so, using LAN multiplayer to show my nephew the games i grew up with

anyway. although i’ve only ever played WC3 for the campaign, i still think it’s totally unacceptable to replace a product people have owned for years with a new, inferior client, regardless of whether we even purchased the new version. argue “it’s not game breaking” all you want, it’s just a bad move to take away features for no reason

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Having read some of KABAL’s arguments I have to agree that his entire method of debating appears to be based on making the opposition look bad. I wasn’t going to mention it because it might be construed as a personal attack but since you’ve gone out and said it already I might as well chip in.

He puts words in people’s mouths, he pretends everything they say is meant in the most horrible way, and demands excessive amounts of proof which I’m pretty sure he knows no sane person would give so he can claim they must be lying.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say, that even if I had given him/her every bit of info he/she asked for, I still would have been called a liar.

That’s okay. I’ve been called worse at the local bar at times.

But hey, everyone’s a critic.

typical blizz chill.

what ? were you expecting arguments ? hell no.

  • the contract says : "ok all you need to do is go to the forum and call the people who are calling out our bad products trolls so we look good and they look bad’’.

Thats what we all hoped to do, but alas Blizzard chose to ruin that aswell.