How to play Custom Campaign

Hi guys, I was making a custom campaign for almost 6 months now, and I can’t test it because they forgot to add the Custom Campaign button, I wonder if there is still a way to access it?

I wanna test my campaign and I can’t. Does getting back to old WC3 solve it?


There might be a way to make it run via the command window but I’m not sure what you would type. Something similar to the command to force wc3 to run a map without opening the game.
Edit: will write it out when by my pc
Edit 2:
"C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\x86_64\Warcraft III.exe" -launch -loadfile "C:\Users\[your name here]\Documents\Warcraft III\Campaigns\DotD300beta2.w3n"

^ above command should launch the file you wanna test, just switch out [your name here] for your PC Name and then change the filename to whatever your campaign’s map name is. Also might have to change the directory address depending on where WC3 is on your PC.

Edit 3: does not work… wow :frowning:

I just use the classic launcher to access custom campaign. If you don’t have classic launcher, then I don’t think you can until Activision B fixes Reforged.

Your best bet is to download the test client.