30+ mins into hard fought game, no lag, sent to main menu

Honestly, this is my final straw. blizz killed a game that was WORKING FINE FOR OVER A DECADE and now its a rarity when i can actually finish a game. What the hell is wrong with this company that in 2002 they had “wait for reconnection” menus for people, but that cant be managed? How is this game EVER going to be an “”“esport”"" if it cant even get it self stable? ive already refunded weeks ago, but come on. I cant even play on the old graphics. I cant play on the old b. net. How did this flaming turd of a game even get halfway thru development let alone launch


The last way to play old Battle.net is to Join the PTR: OMG! I can go back to Classic TFT now. Everyone Come read! :D :)

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