No Classic launcher

Well, I just had a conversation with the support staff. And they very carefully spelled out, that a Classic launcher is out of the question, even though people never purchased Reforged.

Just a heads up for any purely Classic owner, who might still be wondering if or when they’re gonna roll that back. Yup, those 30 GB of ransomware are mandatory from now on. Deal with it.

So there.

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I thought they would change their mind after the fiasco. It doesn’t surprise me, though.

Me neither, to tell the truth.
Oh well. As I’ve said elsewhere, there are other developers out there.

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Yes, the PTR. Which provides a halfassed fix for Blizzards own mistakes.

Thanks, I’ve already seen it.

whats the problem now?

That users shouldn’t have to provide solutions to corporate failures. Pretty simple, no? Besides, I’ve been told that the PTR is somewhat buggy. Hence the “TEST” part.

relying on corporations to do everything for you is not always the best answer

oh did a little birdie tell you that?? so what exactly is it that you are trying to play again? do you play multiplayer?

No, but to fix their own mistakes, I do.

No, I read it on a page, where some people coworked with the devs on the PTR. They recommended against it beyond… well, testing.

i like how you avoided my question about “which gamemode are you trying to play”?

Well, if you must know, typically single player and LAN with some of my old neighbors.

right so you can use PTR for that, or you can just install the game on an older patch… you do still have your original CDs right??

I personally have multiple copies of WC3 installed on several different computers, and I have TFT on patch 1.26 alongside Reforged on 1.33 its really not complicated

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not complicated for you. Not everyone is great at figuring out how to get the old wc 3 reinstalled and frankly not everyone has cd drives anymore as most games are in online libraries nowadays. Wich is exactly why i was happy to be able to register my cd keys to my blizz account

I like how you avoided my statement about PTR testers calling it buggy… :wink:
Oh well, nevermind.

And no, my original discs went belly up after 10+ years of wear and tear. I suppose I’ll have to sail the seven seas for a solution to that.

because its not true… but you dont even wanna try it because you would rather listen to rumors

look at it this way… ptr is a temporary fix until you can figure out how to install the old game on an older patch

You know if you had warcraft 3 installed prior to updating your actual origional warcraft launcher is located in program files warcraft 3 where reforged had a directory on top of that directory. You would know this if you bothered to read 50 % of the threads instead of coming to the forums to cry that blizzard took away your milk . When in fact they didn’t

Yes, why would I want to listen to people, who were actual testers doing testing on a test realm, when I can find the answers right here? That makes sense, I suppose.

again its all hearsay… he said she said… its not fact… reforged was buggy and it still was released… but ptr still works lol

its your choice, either take the easy route and go for PTR which is patch 1.31 OR you can go figure out how to install an even older version of the game

good luck

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So you say. And that’d definitely not hearsay, because it was you who said it, correct?

thats not what hearsay is lmao, try again