The destruction of Warcraft 3

Blizzard actually managed to do it, they cut out the heart of Warcraft 3 and its most loyal fans who`ve been playing this game for almost 2 decades.

Not only is Reforged respectevely worse than Classic, but Blizzard ruined (on purpose) Classic as well.
So, just like every normal day, I go to play WC3 but that 1 day was different, I was forced to install around a 30 GB update and so I did.
Not only did it not let me play Classic, but apparently my CD keys got deleted from my game files (???). So I managed to get the PTR version with new CD key in order to do my 1v1 orc match ; I was happy that I could play classic again, until "the sky rained fire, and a new enemy came among us (blizzard-2020) " and removed multiplayer from the PTR version…

Not only did they completely butchered WC3 Classic, but they even removed the only way to play it (if you didnt know, people who own only Classic and not Reforged, cannot play Classic, unless PTR, and are forced to pay again for Reforged in order to play Classic, like me (which Ill never do).

And at the cost of what Blizzard? Is greed all there`s left in you?

Thank you for your time!


Yep, Warcraft 3 PTR was fun while it lasted. It was the good old classic Warcraft 3. I played some PTR games online with people and it was a lot of fun. Classic interface, no lag or disconnects, good old Warcraft 3! I played mainly custom games, the people were friendly. I played one ladder 1v1 match, chat with the guy, and won. I was instantly ranked 99, in the top 100, in the PTR realm after winning one game and I was so proud.

Everyone gathered in one chatroom, so everyone was there talking and having fun.

That’s gone now too!

Honestly I didn’t mind Reforged so much since I could play classic in the PTR, but now that that’s gone, there’s nothing left to play.


I just wish I could retreat from all of this into the old Warcraft 3.

What do ya know, I can’t. This amplifies every emotion.

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Even when Reforged was out, for 1-2 weeks you could have played Warcraft 3 classic again online officially on classic! A user made this very popular post about it: OMG! I can go back to Classic TFT now. Everyone Come read! :D :)

It was easy to join, I was playing on that with some others and having a lot of fun. So many people missed out on this last opportunity though and it is closed now.

rip. our only salvation is a reawakening of Blizzard, which I know won’t happen.

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Most people call this Malware, Blizzard calls this ReFoRgEd


No, you are not forced to ‘pay for Reforged’ to play Classic.

You can download and play Reforged, you just won’t have access to any of the upgraded visuals and reforged exclusive options until you pay for the upgrade. The 30gb update to Warcraft 3 is what actually allowed you to do that.

Should not be an issue to people in 2020 although I do agree that a lighter distribution for classic graphics only would be nice.

This is to be expected. They are no longer stored locally. Instead one logins like all other Blizzard games which authenticates licences attached to the BattleNet account. Add your RoC CD Key to your BattleNet account and it just works like expected.

Use live version 1.32.1 (at time of posting). Look above for explanation as to how.

People who own a RoC CD Key can still play versions after 1.32 as described above.

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Hm, sounds sweet, thanks! I`ll definitely try this (will let you know of result)!

Beg Blizzard to release the Classic Warcraft 3 on GOG.

Along with Classic Starcraft 1 and Classic Diablo 2.

I just bought Warcraft 3 Reforged, and I just realized that Blizzard as a company is broken.

I don’t know if Blizzard has become demented or misguided, but the classic was better than Reforged. If this doesn’t get fixed, Blizzard will have many haters, and less customers in the future, because other Gaming Companies are rising up, while Blizzard has fallen dramatically for the past 2 years.
This year 2020 is a great downfall for Blizzard for making Reforged.
More players are quitting WoW, more players are quitting Blizzard for thinking how Blizzard let down so many customers, more players quitting for hating Blizzard.

And I am quitting too. Bye Blizzard, See you in 2 years

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