Starcraft 2 is saying battle net is down [Main Thread]

I’m just trying to see when the game will be back up or what will I have to do to fix it? I just uninstalled avg.


I was able to login just now, if you still can’t then there’s something blocking your connection either on your end or between you and the sc2 servers

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Same issue for me. All other Blizzard games working just fine. Tried turning off my VPN just in case. Seems to be a Starcraft only issue.


I can’t log in on US but I can on EU…



We are currently seeing an increase of players reporting “There is a temporary outage of the service. Please Try again later.” We are currently investigating this issue as quickly as possible. It would be nice to know if you all can access other regions such as EU or Korea and if this problem is just the Americas. Thank you.


same problem here. EU and KR servers is fine to me but US server says it’s down


Hey Blizz, i cant log in to US servers. I paid for this game and all the expansions. So what the hell are you trying to tell me blizzard? You made an oopsie and hopes it goes away? WELL IM HERE WHY CANT I LOG IN???


So I literally bought and downloaded the digital deluxe edition of this game TODAY February 10 2022 and this is an issue I am also having. Can we PLEASE fix this? Someone figure this ish out. Please?


As far as I can tell, it is region specific. I can Sign into EU and Asia but not Americas. However that is where all my account/play information is located… It asks me to create a character name when trying to log in to those other regions.

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Update on this issue. We believe we have found a common theme between the reports. Most accounts so far are either new or returning players who may have not played for a certain amount of time, we don’t know the exact amount of time yet. This explains why some players are not seeing this error for the Americas and others are. We have escalated examples of this issue to our team for investigation. Sadly, no ETA for a resolution time frame but our team is on the case!


time to smurf i guess

any idea of an eta of when we can expect a fix? took a break for a while and would like to play and getting this error now. otherwise I guess I’ll just try to log in every day till its resolved. :confused:

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I too, just tried dl this onto my new laptop as my old one died a year or so ago so i havent played. Im clueless w tech tho and dont know if im doing something wrong

Same issue here!!! Hopefully resolved soon

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Hello! I am indeed a returning player but I have played in the past few weeks a few times. Had no issue until today. I can log into regions other than Americas. Hope this helps! Thank you for your efforts in resolving this.

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So, some games won’t start in SC2. Also, we keep getting a message saying " The Server will shut down in 150 minutes " but the time frame of minutes keeps changing depend on on the player

Now it says 230 minutes

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This is in line with my issue. Haven’t played in quite awhile, only affect US server. Prompted to create an account on EU


Just downloaded and tried to play for the first time in over a year and I am having the same issue.

Issue here. US server. SC2 Coop game. Artanis, Kerrigan, and Raynor are saying they are Level 5, although I am a level 200. Other than those 3 my levels are respected (eg level 200 on Karax). It was fine about 10 hours ago.

I started a game as Karax, full level 200, and was paired with a Raynor, level 5. When he realized he was level 5, he quit immediately.