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Which places are people getting the “Please enter a post-paid phone number.” message?
We should compile a list, it will help us, and it would help Blizzard.


Australia: Amaysim (prepaid), Kogan Mobile (prepaid)

Brazil: Vivo, others should work.
Canada: Fizz, Telus, Rogers/Bell, Sask-tel, Shaw

Colombia: Tigo (prepaid) and presumably Movistar, Claro and ETB, unsure for the other ones

Germany: Aldi Talk (Telefónica), Vodafone, congstar, fraenk, Telekom, o2 (Prepaid)
Hungary: Telekom, Yettel (almost certainly Voda too)

Indonesia: Telkomsel
Italy: Poste Mobile, Vodafone
Italy: Tim, Wind and Iliad Likely work.

Netherlands: Simyo

New Zealand: 2Degrees, Kogan Mobile (prepaid)

Portugal: NOS
United Kingdom: Virgin Media, EE (post paid), Tesco payg, vodafone (payg + pay monthly), Lycamobile payg + pay monthly
PAYG = Pay as you go, which is the UK equivalent of “pre-paid” simcard

Saudi Arabia: STC, Mobily post paid & pay monthly

Google Fi
Mint Mobile
Red Pocket Mobile
Straight Talk
Metro PCS or Metro by T-Mobile (before system change)
H2O Wireless
Total by Verizon
AT&T prepaid(not Cricket)

Not working:

NZ:Vodafone prepaid.
United Kingdom: Giffgaff, iD, aaisp, sipgate
United States: Metro PCS or Metro by T-Mobile, Cricket (multi sources)

Google Voice (VoIP)
Groundwire (VoIP)

Burner (Apple App Store or Google Play)
Hushed (Apple App Store or Google Play)
CoverMe (Apple App Store or Google Play)

What is a Pre-Paid Plan?

Prepaid plans require you to pay your bill before you receive service. These plans almost never require a contract, so you’ll be paying month to month. If you don’t pay your bill, your service will be cut off. This is not the same as a “burner phone” or a phone you buy with limited minutes.


Since some post paids don’t work (I’m tracking down confirmation on why) I’m adding this section.

Working - almost everything, but if you have something.

Switzerland : Swisscom (Salt and Sunrise should work too).
Indonesia : XL Prioritas


I do not want to help Blizzard…

Lol, if they find out, they are likely to address it, no?


I do want to help other players. I get why it is Blizzard mess though.


Can confirm that Cricket doesn’t work on monthly plan.


Yep, I put it in the list because I saw your other post :slight_smile: - you are the source!


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Straight Talk works figured I’d mention it since I didn’t see it on the list yet


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can confirm cricket monthly doesnt work

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Add one.

Red pocket mobile works.


What abt USA straight talk? Thats what i got btw

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Yes that’s what I have and it works

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Already on the list. Storm zero reported it, and I added it - it works.

Added! Thanks for the info!

Confirmed Talkatone app works if you pay $2 to remove ads–battlenet’s message is a “premium message”. So a good cheap options for trolls I guess.
So as long as you can download apps–I used my iPod–this will work for you.


if a person Where to switch, would the phone number still be accepted, or would you need a new phone number? i dont want to switch, spend money, and then be denied.

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Note that you have to be Trust Level 3 to do this, which unfortunately rules out most of us xD