These patch notes

Important huge buff to note about Torb - can no longer be one shot by Hanzo.

I read it again and was like “why did hanzo get a buff and not symmetra?”

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These changes all seem to make sense, for now.

I particularly love the Hammond and Orisa buffs though :slight_smile:

I don’t think Baptiste will have a place in GOATS. All of the support that are used there are used because of critical utility and strong defensive ults. There are also no high damage ults to run through amp matrix, only normal damage which in GOATS isn’t that high compared to a dps ult. They’d rather keep trans, sound barrier, etc.

The only utility outside of his ult is raw healing (again, not really the point of GOATS), and the immortality field. But for that to work you have to place it inside your goats, which is right next to their goats, which means they’ll destroy it easily.

Early to tell obviously, but that’s my 2 cents.

Adaptive Shield

  • No longer cancels Roll mode

Wreking ball is one of, if not the fastest moving and hardest to kill tanks as it is !

When hes just grappled to the point/payload spinning around it knocking everyone away it can take the whole team to kill just him.

Now he can roll around with a shield… Really ? He needed this ?

Hey there!
Armor used to have a varying effect on damage over time and beam type weapons based on how damage instances were handled by the server (it’s not the server tick rate, some weapons have different update rates).

This meant that Winston’s primary fire would hit the maximum 50% damage reduction against armor because it had a faster damage update rate while Zarya’s beam would lose a flat 15 damage per second (after the armor change from -5 damage per hit to -3).

So the general results after this patch are Winston’s damage is increased against armor compared to before, Moira is about the same, Zarya and Symmetra are roughly the same at low charge and deal less damage to armor health pools than before while at high charge.


So they did indeed nerf Sym then, lol


Thank you for the clarification! Disappointed it’s an overall nerf to a hero that couldn’t afford any.


So you nerfed Symm? Omegalul


is junkrat going to be looked into at all? hes been ignored for far too long


I am okay with Symmetra and Zarya dealing less damage to something armored like Bastion, but vs Reinhardts 200 armor? unwarranted survival buff for him.


SO YOU PEOPLE NERFED SYM?! And no buffs, I can;t anymore… Just wow


Moira still tickling armored targets unless she sacrifices 300 healing on 10 second cooldown.

Another sad day.


You absolute walnuts.


Great. Another DVa nerf.

And did Orisa really need a nerf?

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So you nerfed Symmetra? Is this a Joke? After not buffing one of the worst heroes on the game for multiple patches what she gets is a nerf??? I was happy with blizzard for finally getting some work done, but I was wrong, this is just disheartening to watch.


Why in the world would you nerf Symm?


I seriously wish you had been right. You gave me hope for a bit there!


Please pass this question on to the team that makes these heavy handed and most of the time rediculous balance changes.

If they were baking a cake, and the cake did not come out how they liked.

Would they
a) add 5 extra eggs, add 10x more sugar, double the butter and hope for the best Or
b) make 1 small ingredient change at a time to see the effect on the cake ?


Thank you, its a good idee you have there, less dmg with high charge and same with low.
That’s a good start. Keep it up.