Am I crazy or are these 2 PTR changes massively underrated by community

  1. My Lucio can now boop a boosting D.Va? That’s awesome.
  2. Winston no longer sucks nearly as bad against armor? That’s awesome.

Rip Orisa though, now she’s as likely to get abused by boopers as Reinhardt and now has a worse matchup against Winston.

at least she moves like 1m/s faster while shooting. That’s… something.


You’re missing the fact that Baptiste is a huge nerf to Winston since you can’t kill anything… You are going to spend days in order to try and kill the Immortality Bot as well as the people inside of it lol

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But Symmetra, who already sucked against armor, now sucks even more.

Why do the developers hate Sym so much?


lucio boop is toxic since they buffed it seasons ago, i don’t get why they keep buffing him, its dumb. Here lets boop you 10m away into that pit you were never near, and call it balanced.

LOL how much health does the bot have? I don’t believe it gets the benefit of Invulnerability for itself…

it has 250 which is quite a lot for winston to kill by himself

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Big buff to halt via knockback changes. Movement speed feels good too.

Could you explain? If i’m doing my math right, she’s doing more damage to armor now vs previously on her lvl 1 beam.

There’s a really good math thread on PTR feedback. I should have bookmarked and now I can’t find it.

Arcadium just posted the threads I was looking for. Check those out.