Symmetra Rework: Defense or Support?

I agree. Going from six to three turrets changes the strategic aspect of Sym that makes her fun. I like how with Sym I have to make quick strategic decisions – will six turrets each in individual spots be a better way to deal with the enemy (and it works great if I’m defending a 2 cp map or concentrate them on a kill gate and hope the enemy team doesn’t use the other one?

Speaking for myself, I don’t always cover each route with two turrets in one spot. Sometimes I’ll split them so that just as you think you’ve handled one, there’s another one right around the corner. It can psych out a player. Plus two turrets put close but right next to each other can be harder to deal than a single turret, even with more HP because you have to adjust your aim. When I put two turrets I try to place them on different walls and at a different level so you have to turn and re-aim to get them both.


Today was a good day to purchase my first golden gun (Symmetra).


I love this!!! and it’s probably because you guys are moving her to defense that she gets to be this powerful, I honestly can’t hold my excitement now because playing her effectively will finally take some practice and finesse!


…she can now fire an un-deployed version like a projectile, which sticks to walls/ceilings/etc. Once it sticks, it will unfold like it does on the wall currently when she builds them.

This sounds cool! I have a random thought though, could this new turret mechanic be combined into her current shield she throws forward? Maybe the shield size is shrunk? The shield would protect the turret behind it until it passes by an enemy? The turret wouldn’t have to shoot forward through the shield that might be too much. Letting her fire 3 of these would be awesome :wink:

With the turret and shield combined into one ability, you can make her a new ability. In the comics we see her creating these hard light walkways in mid air. I like this idea - it could be like a Mei wall but she can put down a few temporary panels and allow her and teammates to climb or cross to previously unreachable areas? I play a fair amount of Sym and I do think this kit could work for her much better on Attacks in particular.


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Agreed. I tend to describe Symmetra as a spider at the centre of her web. 6 turrets have lots of strategic uses other than straight damage and zoning. (Warning system, kill fleeing flankers, even just having them in unexpected spots can work as a flanking tactic)

Reducing them to 3 removes a lot of how she can be played, which I suppose makes sense if you’re moving her to defense.

On current info, the only compromise I can think of is having the damage and slow (and hp?) reduced on them if you place more than three, like there’s a shared power source kinda thing.
So: 1-3 turrets: full damage and slow
4-6 turrets: half damage and slow

Maybe that wouldn’t work, I dunno, but it’s a suggestion


Holy Moses that sounds like a dream!

I’m sure there’s reason to be tight lipped with details right now, but is there anything you can tell us about range or trajectory? Do they zoom through the air like her shield, or arc like Junkrat’s kit? If it’s the latter, I’d love to coat the top of that archway by Point A Anubis with sentries just to give Widow a nasty surprise.

By “impacting enemies and environments” does that imply that it detonates on contact with enemy barriers? Or if a bunch of enemies were hiding behind a barrier, would she still penetrate the barrier and have it detonate on contact with the first object behind it? I fell in love with her orbs because of how they played around bunker comps and could disrupt the aiming/positioning of opponents by giving them a projectile they have to constantly worry about regardless of barrier health.

But if it turns out the only possible way for her to counteract Barrier players is to walk right up to them and engage them at LMB range, then I can’t help but assume that she’ll still be seen as just as worthless as before (if not even worse).

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I agree that to make her more useful, what she really needs is some sort of mobility, as without it she can only use her full kit defensively in most situations

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as a defense hero should???

Yeah this one concerns me a little.
The fact that her orbs go through barriers is one of the most useful attributes of them. She NEEDS that ability


Just adding my voice here. Please do not remove the Lock On feature of Symmetra.


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Yall scarred him off with all the complaints about having to aim and such. (Not you specifically, most made this comment in jest)

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Any estimated time on when this will go on the PTR?

I guess at this point I probably should have just posted everything at the same time since everything always makes more sense in context so ill just post whats remaining at this point.

Her teleporter is moving to her E ability and the Photon Barrier is moving to her ult, but these have massive changes as well.

The teleporter now works as follows: You place the exit like you normally do, except that you can place it up to 25 meters away, instead of only right in front of you. When you place the exit, the entrance automatically gets built right in front of you instead of at your spawn. It lasts only a short time but allies can use it freely as they normally do, but there are some new things that can teleport as well. We’re experimenting with what works and what doesn’t but currently you can teleport things such as Torbjorn turrets, D.Va’s exploding mech, Junkrat tire, etc. This has lead to some sneaky/fun plays that are really unique to her. It also allows you to get onto high ground on offense with a comp that might otherwise have trouble doing so. The health has been lowered to 300 and the entrance is now attackable as well. If either die, the other is destroyed as well.

Her Photon Barrier has moved to her ultimate and is now very different as well. Instead of placing a moving barrier, she places a static barrier wall that effectively is infinite in size and has 5000 health. She places this wall much like Mei places her Ice Wall, which means you can place it at some range and you can also change the orientation.

This is all fairly early still and we’ve only recently started working on the visuals/animations/sounds etc, so its still a little ways out. I don’t have an ETA on when you guys will get a chance to see and/or play with this but hopefully it wont take too long.


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Also holy crap that ultimate. Super Rein barrier of the GODS. Pharahs can now suck it!


Thanks Mr. Goodman. :smiley:

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