Symmetra Rework: Defense or Support?

Can we please get some information on what her ultimate is? Is it going to be shield generator/teleporter, Or is she getting a new offensive ultimate?

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But then she’ll just be as bad as ever. Either way, doesn’t look like they’re moving in a remotely healthy direction with Sym.

Sorry, I forgot to add the damage reduction on her primary fire.

He said most of the damage would be coming from the explosion, not the orb itself.

Any ult changes?


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Eh, I like the primary beam. The alt fire I don’t feel works for Symmetra? The whole pass through thing I feel worked better as an alternative. Her laser gets eaten by one dude, her orb makes chokes and corridors scary, and makes shielding useless.

Yes, despite all the rhetoric about anchor tanks being weak right now, we shouldn’t actually balance heroes around the META. Doing so just inevitably swings it and all of a sudden all the balance around the prior META goes out the flippin’ window. All her alt fire really needed was more speed and responsiveness on it so that I couldn’t take a nap when she fired it and wake up feeling sufficiently refreshed long before it even got close.

But, I might be biased, as I feel a big damaging orb that explodes on contact (or when triggered) is more appropriate for a fireball. Hint hint, nudge nudge, Blizzard.


This rework sounds like a dream come true. Im a bit sad about less turrets but ive always wanted further casting and more dmg in exchange for aiming!


I loved Symmetra’s kit from launch onward, and have been waiting for the changes with some trepidation and interest.

Left-click change: The problem I ran into a lot is that people are simply deadly accurate now with their headshots. In 1v1s, you don’t really get a lot of time to charge up and kill them before they just kill you in a second or two. I’m not sure having a higher charge potential is really going to help here, unless the intent is to make her a competitive dps only in team fights.

What she does need is either some range, or a getaway mechanic. Her current range is pretty much melee range. She needs to be able to get away like the others–wraith, skip, fade, whatever. Or gain some CC or durability. If she isn’t getting that, I hope her new left-click ability has a much greater range than now.

Right-click change: This concerns me a lot. I quite liked that her right-click ability (current) could ignore shields and pass through enemies hiding behind, and punish them for that, forcing them to adapt. She’s fun to play against the usual shield-heavy comps.

The right-click projectile exploding upon contact with the first object sounds like it no longer passes through shields. I hope this isn’t so. I also like that it passes quietly through enemies as a silent missile. The fast explosive grenade you’re talking about sounds like another Junkrat, which we already have one of (two if you want to count Pharah rockets). I’d prefer to keep her current flavor of round-the-corner subtlety (and shield-ignoring orbs).

What’s going to happen to her ult? Her current ults are among my favorite things in her kit.


Why does Symmetra need to be godly at barrier busting and killing tanks? Overwatch right now is full of barrier busters and tank killers, so much so that playing Tank right now is horrifically painful and frustrating. We don’t need anything else that screws over Tanks, they’re suffering the most out of all four classes, BY FAR!


While I think we are passed the time of Geoff responding, I want to make a suggestion that I hope gets read anyway. If possible, I think a “lob” option for the turrets in addition to the “rocket” like fire would be ideal.

I want to be able to chuck them above a shield and it to then land on the ground/wall behind to potentially get it deployed without the enemy team knowing its there.


now the golden question, now then Sym is a defense hero, that means she counts as a “new” hero to the defense roster and in the future the next released heroes are going to ignore the Defense category again? i mean… you already added a ton to the attack, support and a few to tank totally ignoring the def category for 2 years, are we definitly never going to have a future defense hero and adding sym to def counts as “goal achieved”?

This is very intriguing. Interesting that you’re making her weapon anti-barrier in a very unique way.

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Its essentially draining the barrier to then punish with charge!

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Does her turrets health primarily consist of shields, or just straight health?

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Any E/Ult changes? Any passives?

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30 shields could be amazing!

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What about her teleporter and shield gen?

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They’re suffering, but balancing shouldn’t happen solely around the current META, that’s what new heroes are for, like Brigitta and Moira. These two fill the role of upsetting the status quo in offense-support relations. They’re worth f$%$-all against tanks though because of their abysmal damage.

Balancing existing heroes should be done around their role in the team and how well they can perform that role. Symmetra… well, she didn’t have a role, unless being better at acting like a spider than Widowmaker is an actually viable role (hint: It’s not.)

First and foremost, her rework needs to let her actually work. Overwatch is two years old now and that means it’s much more clear what does or doesn’t work. Builders… kind of don’t work. The concept of turrets is sound, but every hero needs to be able to move aggressively. Every. Single. One. That means some heroes need to be able to muck with the mobile walls - Reinhardt and Orisa in particular - even of those two aren’t necessarily super great right now (and they’re not because the current play environment doesn’t support them very well.)


I really don’t want that primary change. It sounds like a different version of Zarya’s beam.

I know people say Overwatch is the FPS that doesn’t need aim like that’s a bad thing in and of itself, but the mechanics of each hero needs to feel unique and fluid for those that play that hero and dedicate their time learning them. Imagine if Mercy’s beams suddenly required aim and how that’d exclude so many players. I hope this change isn’t the final version, or at least reach a middle ground.


Could you please tell us what you are considering for her ultimate?

So she’s got Zaryas primary fire without the need to use bubbles. Cool!