Any Ideas for a new Ultimate Voice Line for Symmetra?

With the recent information about Photon Barrier becoming an ultimate, I was wondering if anyone could think of good ultimate voice lines for it.


Dragon Skin:
“Welcome to my Demension”

She already has some Hindi (?) lines for deploying her barrier, so they could take one of those and apply whatever effects they do to the other ult lines to make them reverb a bit for enemy ult use.

For friendly ult use, I’ve got nothing. “Welcome to my reality” is already a regular voice line for her, and while there’s a bit of precedent for them being recycled from existing abilities (like Tracer’s deja vu line), I don’t think they’ve ever ripped one from an ult before. Besides, it’s probably for the best that they don’t let Symmetra fake an ult like that.

Whatever voice line she gets for it, it better be badass. Her hand gesture, too.


“You shall not pass” Because why not, that seems to be the intent behind it.

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For her friendly line, she could say something like “Projecting a Barrier”

I have a feeling they won’t have any problems with that.

Indeed. I can imagine some sort of grand sweeping movement she makes with both hands or some sort of charge up on her left palm as she collects enough hard light to make this massive barrier before unleashing it all at once.

Meh… she already says that for her normal ability barrier. It needs to me more epic sounding for an ultimate.

I will be your shield

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Or “Let’s make overwatch great again”


it’s a no brainer tbh

…or “Overwatch has never been bad”


Default: “This is my reality!”
Dragon: “This is the Dragon’s fire!”
Oasis: “This is the Oasis!”
Vishkah/Architect: “This is Vishkar’s reality!”

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Something sassy for her would be nice like:
“Witness my true power” or a reference to Yellow Diamond from SU “Your in my world now” (the original is “your on our world now”).