SUMMARY: New Symmetra


  • Symmetra has been moved to the Defense role

"Symmetra is much more in the vein of a Defense Hero with her new Kit"

PRIMARY FIRE [Photon Projector]

  • Beam no longer locks-on to targets
    • Hitbox has been made much thiccer
    • Increased range
  • DPS increased from 30/60/120 per charge to 65/130/195 respectively
    • It now takes a combined 2 seconds of damage to increase charge
  • Damaging barriers now refund ammo instead of consuming it
    • Barriers also increase beam charge

"This will increase her effectiveness against teams overall, and effectively make Symmetra a Barrier Buster."


  • Now impacts surfaces and explodes, dealing area damage
    • Deals around 130 damage on direct hit
    • No longer pierces enemies
  • Charge/Fire rate increased
    • From 2 seconds to 1 second
  • Projectile speed increased
    • Effectively tripled

"This will make Symmetra a lot more engaging in the middle of a fight, as well as allowing her to take on multiple threats at once."

ABILITY 1 [Sentry Turret]

  • Now deployed as a projectile, which stick to a surface and activate
  • Max turrets reduced
    • From 6 to 3
  • Health increased
    • From 1 to 30
  • Have increased damage and increased slowing effect

"Projectiles travel similarly to a Pharah rocket; Turrets are overall more powerful this way, and allow Symmetra to carry herself through a fight with more engagement."

ABILITY 2 [Teleporter]

  • Photon Barrier has been replaced with Teleporter
  • Exit can now be deployed up to 25 meters away
    • When deployed, entrance is automatically deployed in front of Symmetra instead of in spawn
  • Now only lasts a limited time
  • Health decreased to 300
    • Entrance pad can be destroyed as well
  • Currently can teleport entities such as Turrets, Self-Destruct, RIP-Tire, etc.

"With Teleporter now being an ability, as well as being much more portable makes it essentially a team-wide Shadow Step allowing for heroes with no movement abilities to reach all new locations. Giving Symmetra far more utility."

ULTIMATE [Photon Barrier]

  • Teleporter has been replaced with Photon Barrier
  • Deploys a massive 5000 health wall-like barrier
    • Hypothetically spans across entire maps in size

"Casts similarly to Mei's wall; Allowing Symmetra to completely cut off segments of the map is incredibly effective at making Symmetra feel like she can have a big influence on a fight."

ULTIMATE [Shield Generator]

  • Removed in its entirety

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