New leaver policy idea

So originally in beta when there was a leaver, the algorithm would recalculate a team’s chances of winning and distribute points based on that instead (so the 6 people winning would receive less and the 5 would lose less). But this didn’t feel good when winning so they changed it to basically ignore leavers meaning that anyone who got a leaver early on their team would basically get a full loss outside of their control.

What I want to suggest is a hybrid system.

(Warning, I talk math here. Skip to next paragraph for how it would affect the game) When someone leaves, the game will recalculate each team’s probability of winning based on HOW LONG that player was gone. Then if the team down a person won then they would receive the amount the recalculated number says, reworking the numbers to attribute the accurate amount to the leaver player and the losers would also lose based on the new numbers. So take a game for example were one team has a leaver half way through the game that would have given ±20 to the winning/losing, and using the knowledge the team down a man for half the game if the team that is down wins the teams should get ±30 Sr and if the team up wind they should get ±10sr. When the team down a man wins, the losers would receive -30, the person leaving would receive +15 (because they helped win in half of the game), and the other winners would receive +33 since they had to pull more of the teams wait. Then, however, if the team that was up won, they would still gain the +20 Sr from the original calculation. The opponent throwing isn’t their fault. But then the 5 losing members would only receive the -10 Sr from the new calculation. This disparity would then be fixed by the leaver receiving a massive -70sr for leaving.

To get an idea of what effect this system would have on your games let’s run through some standard situations in it.

If you were on/against a team that had someone disconnected for only a couple seconds, there would be basically be no affect on anyone’s Sr gains/losses.

If you are the leaver, he shorter you are gone for the less of a punishment there will be for leaving. With being gone for basically no time having basically no effect on your Sr. (encouraging all those who are disconnected to fix the problem and reconnect as soon as possible)

If you were against a team that had someone ragequit at any point during the match, you will still gain the exact same Sr you would have for winning otherwise.

If you were on a team with someone who ragequit, you would lose significantly less sr for the loss (an amount accurate to how difficult the game was with the leaver).

If you rage quit a match and your team lost, you would lose extra Sr based largely on how early you left. Losing far less Sr then currently if you dip out less then a minute before the match is over and losing far more if you dip out early on.

If you left early and your team still won you would gain an amount accurate to how long you stayed in the game. (So if you left at the start you would gain nothing).

I think this system would be better for everyone that isn’t a rage quitter and can reconnect to those games they get booted from within a reasonable timr. But does anyone else see issues with it?


I am for this, or anything that fix this broken system. I managed to get in 3 games in a row with different leavers, IF its this damn common how the hell are we supposed to get a good game?


I don’t believe that SR punishments are the way to go for leavers. If I had the power to change it, I’d make it so that players would be suspended from Competitive until they completed several Quick Play / Arcade games in full (such as 5 or 10 games).

This way they couldn’t just leave and quit for the night, or leave and switch accounts, or leave and come back in 30 minutes and leave again. They would be forced to play QP/Arcade to earn back their privilege of playing Competitive.


This would be great. Please Blizzard review.

That punishment actually isn’t because I think leavers deserve it or anything (hence why leavers who win still gain some Sr under my system). It’s there so that you can have the winners gain normal Sr, the losers lose reduced, and there is still a net change of 0 total change. Without that extra loss for leavers, this system would cause Sr inflation

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That would be a great idea as well except for the fact that the people who didn’t lose a player shouldn’t lose extra SR even if the enemy team won. If anything I think it’s a good idea.

I’m ok with them losing extra Sr because, well, they threw away a free win. It’s not like they got unlucky and got out at a far disadvantage, but they got lucky with a huge advantage and lost anyway.

But if you didn’t want to do that you could have the winning team gain the increased amount, the losers lose the original amount, and have the leaver lose the difference. So in our example the people down a player who won would get 30 Sr, the losers would lose 20sr, and the leaver would lose 30 Sr.

I have read over your entire topic, unfortunately, a good portion of it worked exactly back in Season 1 of Competitive Play. This was changed to what we have today for reasons you kinda mentioned. Details of this change can be found here:

Competitive Season 1 did this before they botched this. The time remaining was considered when determining the handicap.

The leaver will never receive a more severe deduction beyond -50 SR (Unless they are already on some overly extended losing streak, where the win/loss streak protocol was in effect. Note since the win/loss streak adjustment nerf implemented in season 4 it is extremely difficult to trigger a win/loss streak adjustment.) The reason why game will never deduct higher amounts from a leaver is to prevent players from having an easy way to tank their rating (which is considered a violation of the Code of Conduct). This is confirmed in a post by Game Director Jeff Kaplan here:

That still has the downsides of making a team grouped with an actual leaver feel like they were forced into a loss, making those who disconnect for 2 sec still get punished fully despite having no negative inpact on the game, not incentivising those who disconnect to reconnect at all, and not midigating the effect of leavers at all.

You can’t assume people can simply choose to never lose connection. Even if everyone has a 99% connection stability there will still be a leaver once every 10 matches. And if most people played for 3 hour sessions in ranked (with 20 min games) they would run into a game with a leaver most days they play. And that’s assuming best case scenario.

Instead we need to midigate the effect that a leaver has and encourage those players to return as soon as possible. On top of the above system I’d also think it’d be helpful to give the teams a way to pause and wait for the teammate (maybe they all need to be in spawn first and have a max time they can wait). This way those that leave and come back only get punished based on how badly they effect the game, and then those that leave and don’t return can mostly be treated as throwers since that’s what a large majority of them would be.

Actually, we have some serious issue for a leaver policy idea on what majority use to be. So, Blizzard can understand this and further investigation proceed.

Good theory
But a rage quit can either be
A) because you’re losing (you should receive a penalty for leaving)
B) your team mates are being mean or insert phrase (shouldn’t receive a punishment but rather that specific mean team member should)

Question: how could blizzard identify any of these? It’s way too much energy and effort for basically nothing.

Why should a leaver receive any SR because his former team won without him? How does that make any sense?

The team that wins with an handicap ( one man down) shouldn’t be given more SR ie +/- 30 but rather be given the original intended SR for the win.
The team that wins with 6 man against the handicapped team should be given less SR instead.

(The handicapped team shouldn’t be given more for overcoming shortcomings but the normal team shouldn’t be given full SR for wining because the odds were on the team of 6 to win anyway, but since they are playing against a handicap, they won’t get full reward. The handicap should be given the same SR would would’ve have gotten for a win anyway because any number of things could have caused the leaver to leave. Should you be given more SR for being mean to your teammates? example.
However if the handicapped team should lose, they should only lose 5- 10 SR. because it regardless of the situation, they still had a man down and like I said, we don’t know if they did all they could to prevent their teammate from leaving but a lose is a lose so they should be punished. And if the full 6 team should lose, they should be given the normal punishment for a lose ).
This is my take on the matter

i think they should reconsider it.

For the rage quit thing I would like to ask why we should want them to not leave. If they are rage quiting because 1) they think the game is already over and want it to end faster, 2) don’t like their teammates and want them to lose… If the punishment for leaving is too high, these players will just throw instead. It accomplishes the exact same thing they are shooting for (ending the game faster/ making their teammates lose). So this means there is no benefit to punishing a leaver any more than a thrower. You either need to punish both more or settle with people just doing the less punished won more often.

With this system you can start to separate those accidental dcing from the rage quiters by punishing based on how long they are gone. It not only encourages new better behavior with people wanting to reconnect as soon as possible, but it also punishes the rage quiters just as much if not more.

I like the idea but don’t expect anything to happen.
Blizzard wants you to buy multiple accounts remember? Making people drop to ELO hell is a marketic straetegy.

easly solution to get leaver low low in rank
average loss of SR 30, leaver takes 20 of everyones who stayed SR loss , so if you stay you loss 10 the leaver take 20 of yours. They can % that to a lower % as the game progresses but no less that 66%-33% of those that stay,also put a puke green halo over the leaver head for 5 games so all know hes/she is a leaver or have a bad connection…they can do 5 comp games without leaving or 20 quickplay to get rid of 19 of them…after their suspension of course

I just went through placements, 2 wins 8 losses, 7 losses involved leavers. How am I supposed to know if my placement is accurate if 70% of my placements weren’t even an actual full game? I mean what this taught me is never play comp basically because your rating is arbitrarily mete’d out based on the RNG chance you have a leaver on your team or the other team. I’ve just straight given up on comp because of this, I don’t think it’s possible to have an actual good game in comp as a solo player.

You can try lfg with higher endorsement rating mins if you want. Leaving reduses endorsement level, so those with high level can’t be leavers. And lfg is great otherwise too.

doesnt matter when they leave, having 1 person short is almost always a loss unless you have a pretty significant upperhand on time or %

And the system will punish that player and let their partners off the hook by the exact amount that that hurt them. That’s the beuty of it. No matter what specific time they left for, the game will use how much that affects the win likelyhood to redistribute loss.

any sort of compensation system would be abused, tons of people would just play with alts, if you wanna lose less SR on a bad game then all you have to do is get who evers on your alt to leave the game