3 players left during match! Why is this still a thing?

Only penalizing if you are in some way related to the person makes a lot of sense actually. I would defi knitely prevent abuse

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I don’t want to lose point. While the enemy is harassing and getting unfair win, it’s not ok.

Have you met many 10-year-olds? Consideration for others or for consequences are not really things.

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Sad but true. These kids show no empathy at all.

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So are you volunteering to lose when the enemy team loses someone?


There’s currently another thread that actually offers a viable solution.
New Leaver Policy Idea

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I read it.
I don’t know if it could work, but it’s better than nothing at all.
The problem isn’t in the person leaving, that’s just a symptom of the root cause.
The root cause of that the system itself is broken from its inception.
Any system that uses another mode to assess you before you click that competitive button is just outright junk.
Quick play is in no way a solid way of deciding mmr for competitive. But that’s what they do.
Every single thing is minor to that point.
Leaving a game? So what, the game and your numbers were flawed before that. So leaving presents no problem.

All the same, the idea there could work if the numbers cannot be manipulated, and I’m sure someone would figure out how.

They just need to enforce harsher leaver penalties.

At worst, people with bad connections suffer. At best, everyone else feels much better knowing a leaver is probably that much closer to a season ban.

I’m all in favor of extremely harsh leaver penalties, myself.

You get used to it. Sometimes it’s your side, sometimes it is theirs. I’m sure if the enemy team lost a player, you wouldn’t take it easy on them.Also, if you had 3 people leave your game, you should leave the moment that penalty timer is up because you have no chance of winning and you are wasting your time.

I don’t want to sound like a troll, but it is not required you for to play any given part of this game. I only say this because everyone plays video games to have fun. That definition of fun varies for each of us, such as wanting an engaging experience such as Competitive, or a casual freestyle experience like Arcade or Quick Play. But if you are not having fun with Competitive, take a break from Competitive at the very least.

There is a penalty system that implements suspensions to players when they leave a game, they also get a match loss with a fixed 50 SR deducation.

And they are right to do so in Competitive. Winning in Competitive is paramount, otherwise, it would not be Competitive. The way I see it, a 3 versus 6 is a lost cause, but that is why you have the option to forfeit and quit early without penalty (but still a loss).

Yes, but there are reasons for this. First (and again this sounds harsh) but the reality is that you lost the match. England had to play a man down due to injury in the World Cup in the final few minutes before they were bested by Croatia. Doesn’t sound fair, there are rules in place for this.

With us as a community, many of us here on the forums are experienced players and can help advise and encourage you. I myself am one of the forum MVPs and I work to educate other players about Overwatch’s features and Blizzard’s policies. While up front in a situation like this it doesn’t seem fair, believe me, these rules are in place to provide the best possible experience for everyone that plays Overwatch as a whole.

I hope this is sarcasm. Attempting to harass or defame any member of Blizzard Entertainment is prohibited per the Forum Code-of-Conduct.

This is correct, leavers include all players who disconnect or crash from the game and are penalized appropriately.

Competitive used to change the SR adjustments when there was a leaver. This no longer happens to prevent further leaver abuse. Learn more here:

The link above explains, but I will give another resource to futher elaborate. Principal Designer Scott Mercer has specifically stated:

Why do the remaining team members still receive a loss? How is this fair? The unfortunate answer is that the alternative would be worse. We don’t want to create an awful situation where players who think they’re losing are now encouraged to do whatever it takes to get someone else on their team to leave. By removing any possible incentive for anyone to “tactically” leave, it also means that more matches will complete normally. When someone leaves, Overwatch is less fun to play for everyone.

This is good advice, also once you get Endorsement Level 2, you can only permit players who match that level. Leaving Competitive Matches causes severe deductions to your Endorsement rating,

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I love it how he doesn’t respond to this

Play Heroes of the Storm! - It is much better balanced and has got the superior matchmaking and ranking systems.

The reason for the drastic increase in the number of leaving players in comparison to season 1 is the change in Overwatch’s player base. While Overwatch was relatively niche at the very beginning, it is now widespread and has a much younger player base.

At the moment, your only chance is that Fortnite is going to free Overwatch from this playerbase :wink: . In the meantime, you could play Quake Champions and experience real fps skill first hand and get fragged. After QC, Overwatch feels slowmo :).
Regarding PvE fps experience, KF2 is recommended.

Why do the remaining team members still receive a loss? How is this fair? The unfortunate answer is that the alternative would be worse. We don’t want to create an awful situation where players who think they’re losing are now encouraged to do whatever it takes to get someone else on their team to leave. By removing any possible incentive for anyone to “tactically” leave, it also means that more matches will complete normally. When someone leaves, Overwatch is less fun to play for everyone.

I appreciate the response with quote, and this response is mainly to Mercer who I know probably isn’t reading this. The chances of someone tactically leaving are probably extremely low. You can “tactically” leave a match in the first 90 seconds and save SR for your group-mates if it’s not going well yet I rarely see people do this, if ever. On the other hand, why would someone who is

  1. Not in your group
  2. Not in your friends list

leave the game so that complete strangers won’t lose SR while giving themselves 50SR loss and a 10 minute suspension? If a person is being harassed to leave they will be more likely to stay just to spite the harassers, have you seen how stubborn people are when it comes to changing hero’s? Are we really supposed to believe that people won’t change hero’s but they’ll take a 50SR loss because a stranger told them to leave the game??

They should reconsider and implement no SR loss for people who are not friends or grouped with the person who left.

I agree, it would be nice if something could be done about leavers. Fortunately it is always more likely the enemy team will have a leaver than your team so at least you end up ahead.

Okay, sometimes I’ve rumors about the 3 players are left the match in the duration of the competitive gameplay is much worse than enough that could probably losing my SR points, immediately!! If even worse hard to play with…

I would always advocate for a draw if the match was anywhere near close before the people left. If my team stomped you hard and then 3 people leave, Im sorry, but no. Im not letting you get a draw out of a game you 99% already lost. Example: The other day we went into round 3 on Route 66, we destroyed the enemy and pushed to the last checkpoint in overtime from before the first check point. Sides switch they have a minute on the clock, they try for a push and 2 people get popped by our Widow, 3 people on their team leave the game immediately. So no, we didnt let them win, they already lost when the people left. Its just not the same as people left at a random point in the game, compared to we were about to lose hard and people left so pls give us a draw.

Yesterday one of my friends had a disconnect issue during a game. We were winning pretty hard up until then but it was still wasnt really easy either. The enemy brings out a Bastion comp defending the last point on Junkertown (talking about not letting you have a draw they went all out on this). No one on my team freaked out all though they were all randoms, we worked together we talked and we actually managed to win the game 5v6.

Have you? Cause you sound like youre talking about 5 year olds, not 10 yearolds.

I’ve met at least one now.

Good one mate, nice to see edgy teens are still up and running as intended.

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blizzard should make it so during comp there should not be a “leave game” option or a “exit to desktop” option and people should stop rage quiting its NOT Fair to the rest of the team ;(

It is still a thing because the solution is ‘hard’ because it is human nature for people to try exploit things to their advantage.

I am sure the Overwatch team would love to solve this issue, but almost every proposed solution has its flaws.

In all honesty I think it is probably best just to cancel the match after the leaver can no longer reconnect and chalk it up as a loss for the team with the fewer members and a win for the other team with maybe 50% SR gain/loss accordingly. Mitigate groups abusing this by snapshotting the group members at the start of the match and giving them the full SR loss, so people can’t just leave the group then dc to try avoid the group from taking the penalty.

This should ‘work’ simply by virtue of the fact that if the MM is seeking to create even matches in a 6v6 situations, a 5v6 would have to be inherently unfair.

If this seems unreasonable, I guess the game could be paused and the group with the leaver could be prompted for a vote after the timer has expired with a majority wins, or default to cancel if people haven’t voted within 10 seconds.

It isn’t a flawless solution, but I feel many other solutions would be even harder. Few people like having to sit out a match which is clearly stacked against them.