No SR punishment for leavers on your team

It feels pretty bad when I lose SR and someone on my team left the game and didnt come back. It would be nice if players didn’t lose SR if their game ends with less than 6 players on your team, or in general if you have a leaver on your team. The enemy team should not be punished for the leaver as well, they should still gain SR, but the team with leavers should not lose SR. It’s a simple change and it would be an overall net benefit.

One counter argument to this could be “players could abuse the system by leaving right before a match ends to avoid other players on their team losing SR”. While that is true, there are punishments in place for leavers, so if they do it repeatedly they will be suspended from competitive play. While it is necessary to maintain punishments for leavers, it’s not necessary to punish the leaver’s teammates for an action they had no control over.

What do you guys think?


Still can be easily abused,some hardcore players would probably buy 10 accounts and use all of them to abuse the system until all 10 get banned.

More revenue stream for Blizz. And people can’t abuse the system to gain SR, so I don’t see a problem with it.


Does the other team still get sr from the win though? What if a team is doing super well and then someone on the other team leaves last minute and they get no reward. Or in the same scenario what if you’re getting stomped and deserve to lose the game and lose sr but because of the leaver the rest of the team gets away with it for free

What if the person that leaves loses SR on behalf of his entire team so they lose minimal or no SR and loses SR on behalf of the other team if his team actually wins without him? Multiple leavers would split these penalties. That would have a few interesting effects:

  1. Teams with a leaver would do their best to continue to play since they won’t be penalized for just bad luck.
  2. Persistent leavers or throwers would derank more quickly which would keep the mid to upper ranks cleaner.
  3. More bullying might occur since there’s more motivation to make a lousy teammate rage quit to avoid the personal SR loss.

Your logic is flawed,even if someone’s winrate is 10% they will still gain SR as they will never lose it,only get some once per 10 games.

Assuming they gain and lose roughly the same amount per game which is not the case.

As I stated in the original post, neither the team with the leaver nor the opposing team will be punished. What I’m asking is that the team with the leaver doesn’t lose SR, and the winning team still gets SR for winning.


But what if the team is losing really badly all game and deserves the loss but someone leaves in the last 2 minutes. It’s unfairly avoiding the sr adjustment for losing the game

That will just lead to SR inflation.

Mind explaining why?

I agree with the OP one hundred percent. Until Blizzard can actually deal with the leaver problem we shouldn’t have to lose SR because of them.

Use Splatoon as a good example. Basically they have a system in which if a leaver has left for a considerable part of the game, then you don’t get a loss.
People who rage quit at the end of the game will not be considered as a “considerable part of the game” and the team still gets the loss counted.

The winner team of course always have their wins counted.

Great point! This would be pretty easy to implement as well.

It’s not and that game has it’s fair problems with it despite not being built around esports.

There were games that had and tested this system it ended up with the following issues:

  • People bullying the underperforming player to leave the game so they wouldn’t be penalized. This was especially bad because everyone would gang up to keep their mmr, or sr in this case.

  • There was no way to deal with parties. If you penalize both players, you are making systems like LFG useless, noone will party up since there’s a chance some random leaves and you’re penalized. But you don’t penalize teams people would just create stacks, and then when losing someone would leave the game, they would rotate the players therefore having less sr losses on the long run.

The current system is fine and it works in your favor. As long as you don’t leave games, the probability of the leavers being on the enemy team is higher, so you’re actually winning more sr because of leavers in the long run.

i would be content even if everyone besides the person who threw or left lost significantly less SR than the person who did throw or leave, and then that person would lose a significant amount of SR. that would be more fair at least.

Do people not know what this community is like? God they’re abusing endorsements for 50XP, you really think they aren’t going to abuse this? If someone is in a group with their friends, then 1 of them can just take one for the team and leave. Therefore everyone else on the team get no punishment. It’s stupid and can EASILY be abused.

I had a fleshed version of this that shouldn’t really be able to be abused: New leaver policy idea

In the case of a group, they get all losses if a member of the group leaves.
Solo que people do not get to lose anything, and people in groups will learn not to add that person to their group.