Crashing for any reason = Punishment then?

Hey, I was just playing and the game closes itself down, crashing, I jump back in and go to rejoin like not even 30 seconds later and it’s taken a whole bunch of SR from me and penalised me, why isn’t there at least a time-frame for a rejoin? like literally just penalising and giving a loss regardless of how fast you get back is just plain silly, you’re punishing me for something out of my control, I get that it “Could be abused” if you didn’t penalise for crashing, but allowing a rejoin window for like 30-60 seconds would literally just stop the system penalising innocent people who simply crashed.

There is a grace period to rejoin. 90 seconds I believe it is. Although, the rejoin function doesn’t work half the time so it kinda sucks.

I proposed a full thought through system to fix this problem and more with leavers New leaver policy idea

Not sure if anyone cares though

Well that can’t be true because I reconnected with the 30 seconds and it had ended the game and gave me a loss of 50sr :confused: and penalised me :confused:

That’s what I’m saying. It doesn’t work half the time. But it is there.

I proposed a full thought through system to fix this problem and more with leavers New leaver policy idea

I just read through it, and I love it, genuinely thats how it should be done, or at the VERY LEAST give time for people to reconnect and stuff before kicking everyone or penalising the person who “left”

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If you rejoined that quick you would not be penalized UNLESS it was within the 1st min or they completed the game while you were dced.

I know this because I get a graphics driver crash for some reason at least once a week and can immediately rejoin.

Literally crashed when the VICTORY screen was coming up once, -50sr and 10min ban.

It was within the first min, but even so I kinda feel like thats unfair, penalising me that hard for an early crash with no grace period, like at least give me until the doors open.

might be a glitch

something like that happened to me, i dc’d halfway through the match and rejoined within 10 seconds. we eventually win but it showed that i lost like 40 points after the game. i didn’t get any time suspension either so it doesn’t consider me a ‘leaver’ but somehow i didn’t get points for the win

That’s wrong if your disconnected (or too slow to connect) in the first 30 seconds of the match. You get a penalty even if you rejoin.