Wins with Leavers

So I just got done with a game on Hanamura where we had a person leave right before we capped Point B. I will never understand leaving when your steamrolling the other team, but i guess stuff does happen. Now my team played the rest of the game with -1 person and was actually able to pull off a victory. Now the part that kind of irritates me is that I just got my normal ranking points and think that is kind of crappy.

We just won with a person down and I feel like the ranking system should take that into consideration. How about give the winning team a few bonus rank points for that fact they got hamstringed by some a-hole person who wanted to leave early and still was able to win? What does everyone else think about this, because I’ll admit it kind of takes away the great thing my whole team pulled off with -1 person.

I agree

Done it before where we won a 5v6. And got about 18 SR. Felt really crappy.

I don’t care if they ignore the team of 6 winning not getting SR, but a 5v6 should get a boost!

Could also help with a team incentive to try harder and go for the win instead of just giving it up and “letting it end”. I’m not saying for an insane amount of a SR boost, just maybe like an extra 5-10 or something.

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I’ve read your policy change posts several times now and not only did you put in the work but you have genuinely good ideas…wish Blizz gave a damn though…

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