Leavers in Competitive

Maybe Blizzard should work on their Competitive System concerning leavers. I just hit plat and lost my first two games in a row where we had leavers and we were winning by a mile stone (It was a Dc).

I added both of them and asked if they had considered coming back and their response was it wasn’t worth joining back if they still would have lost 50 SR knowing that it was still an easy game to win and they would have preferred to play another game where they would actually win.

Maybe if it would still give them the win with no SR loss penalty if they join back and win the game or take away less SR in the event that the game is still lost like 30 SR (If they do join back) and 50 SR (if they don’t) then maybe that would motivate them to actually join back.

I proposed a fleshed out system of how they could fix this if you want to see