New leaver policy idea

You can technically do that now with leaving within the first minute, and if they didn’t come back (or possibly was gone for enough net time) then the alts will still get banned from ranked pretty quickly.

Its a 5 v 6. Nothing is going to take away from the fact that your team is handicapped. Even if you all know more SR/reward is on the line.

Sure you can win but how often does that happen.

Plus there’s no way to determine a discount from a rage quit from a casual leaver. This is futile.

So making the 5 players loss be representative of their chances to win and punishing the leaver based on how much they actually hurt it doesn’t do anything?

I just don’t think being gone for the last 5 seconds before winning should be punished the same as leaving one second after the game won’t end early.

No. You’re missing the point.

The game doesn’t have to care when you were gone and for how long. You left. You’re a leaver, you get punished.

Although blizzard figuring out causes of leaving is the problem they face now.

That 5 seconds you think is so small is enough time to recharge enemy Doomfists rocket punch. Kill your healer, and enemy team wipes yours.

No, you’re missing the point.

It doesn’t matter that you caused a loss by any amount. This system will punish you exactly as much as you did. So if you leaving for 5 seconds statistically threw the match, you’ll get Sr losses to represent that.

What’s dumb is how the current system does absolutely nothing to decrease the cost or encourage mitigation of/by players who DC. It asks players to pray that they never get disconnected ever for any reason. But my system does that and far more to help the actual issue. It doesn’t matter if the leaver deserves anything. What matters
is that the system tries to improve the problem.

Leavers should have to submit a formal apology to the community via video to re-enable Competitive mode.

the leaver problem fixes itself. If there is a leaver in one of your games, there is a 54.54% chance that the leaver will be on the enemy team. This advantage warrents no change, the system is not broken. True maybe it could be made better, but it certainly is not a top priority.

One thing that I would like to see is, if you rejoin after you leave and you end up winning, you should get full SR. The only disadvantage to this system is that it would incentivize “daredevils” to leave on purpose only to rejoin to see if they can win.

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The problem with leavers isn’t that they make you lose persay. They do make you win even more often then they make you lose. The problem is with a single player deciding a majority of the match’s outcome.

A similar group people have issues with is throwing smurfs. A throwing Smurf will infact have a 50% winrate in bronze. So mathematically they should fit perfectly there. What players don’t like about the is that a majority of the match’s outcome comes from whether the Smurf decides to throw or carry that match. This takes agency away from the rest of the players making ranked seem like even more of a nice roll than it would normally.

The difference between throwers and leavers is that most leavers aren’t doing it on purpose. Especially leavers that rejoin the match. So unlike smurfs, direct punishment won’t lower the number of people DCing. So instead of blindly increasing punishments, we should midigate the affect they have on the game (by allowing functions like pausing until they reconnect and using ramping punishments to incourage fast reconnects) and decrease the cost to the players that didn’t DC (by adjusting their sr loss accordingly).

yeah i have played this game for the last 2 months for over 200 hours while climbing and going up and i still saw around 20-30% of games with leavers. if they aren’t on my team that just means the enemy team is suffering because of them. Players just leave when they feel like the game is unwinnable. I want the system to be redesigned to promote staying till the end of a game. That kind of tenaciousness ought to be rewarded