So Quick Question, why tf do we lose so much SR even with a leaver

ive been in too many games where there was no way of winning bc people kept leaving, and I just dont understand the logic that goes into losing 25 SR for a game stacked against me

As long as alt and smurf accounts exist the leaver penalty must remain. Hypothetically, you don’t lose any SR when someone on your team leaves and say I have a buddy who wants to rank up his main account. I play on an alt account while he plays on his main. Things in the match are going badly, I leave and he doesn’t lose any SR. I don’t care because it’s an alt account.

I can have an unlimited number of free accounts on console. The suspension doesn’t bother me, I can just log on to another account.

see man that’s the wrong attitude to have

how come every time one dude baby rages and quits or someone DCs, everyone is ready to give up and throw in the towel?

Just play the game and try your hardest, even if you are super tilted. The better your performance is, the less SR you will lose.

like legit, if every demotivated player who just gave up at the prospect of having to win a 5v6 tried their hardest every time they played instead of just swapping to practice a hero they are bad at when things seem hopeless, they’d probably be 150 SR higher.

I fleshed out a system that could fix this

it’s because if there is a leaver in one of your games, there is a 54.54% chance that the leaver will be on the enemy team. So in the long run, you are not actually loosing what you claim, you are loosing less.

Play harder is your only option. If you out preform. You won’t lose the normal SR. I’ve gotten a 5VS6 lose down to -13SR in games before.