Injustice derank

The problem is that there is no way to distinguish between people losing their connection unintentionally, and someone yanking the plug on their connection intentionally. As such, all disconnects have to be treated as being the same.

As stupid as you think the policy is, the alternative is even more so.

If you win you lose less SR though

The policy isn’t stupid, there are plenty of ways to fake a disconnect.
The fact that you call it stupid says more about you and your knowledge about the subject than the policy itself.

All this policy does is prevent people from leaving a lot of games on purpose.

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There is an extremely easy way to distinct between most random disconnects and rage quits. Did they come back quickly? Then it was a random disconnect and not a rage quit. All they need to do is scale the punishment with how long you are gone.

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You can easily encourage people to not disconnect, while also encouraging the unwilling disconnects to reconnect quickly and midigating the effect short disconnects have on the game. As an engineer that likes to look into system design theory in my free time, the current system is stupid.

If you think there is an easy solution that professionals who are paid to deal with these things are not seeing, chances are that there is something about the issue that you are ignorant of.

Your solution presumes people can still reconnect. What happens if the power goes out? Should you be punished the same as a rage quitter because you cannot immediately rejoin?

And what of those who were recently utilizing an exploit to avoid the respawn timer by disconnecting and reconnecting? Should they receive the same reduced punishment as the person who briefly experienced a legit connection issue?

No. The only fair way to handle this is to treat all leavers the same, regardless of the reasons why they left the match, or if they return.

If it’s so easy, please propose it.
You won’t have to work for a day in your life if you come up with a fix, there is a reason why all competitive games are using this system. It isn’t as easy as you make it seem to distinct leavers from quiters.

Yes you can encourage people not to disconnect. Fact is though, when a person can leave without punishment they will leave if they feel like leaving.

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I do think that most disconnects can be fixed within a short amount of time, and it’s better to have only some random disconnects punished as throwers than to have literally all of them punished the same.

And it shouldn’t be that hard to have death counts persist when someone leaves… It persists when someone switches characters. It’s not like the entire server needs to forget someone ever existed just because they left.

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New leaver policy idea

Are these the same people who thought giving Mercy instant ressurect on a minor CD was a good idea?? lol I was outraged when I read the patch notes, as even a random player like myself could see how much of an issue it would be… and it was.

My opinion on this matter is if you rejoin a game and go on to win you shouldn’t be penalised. If you go on to lose sure, as it’s possible that your disconnect resulted in the loss, even if it was for a short time; such as a snowball effect.

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Sure, it’s always better to minimize the number of people who get caught up in a system that really isn’t intended to punish them.

Sadly, there isn’t practical way to do this that doesn’t somehow open up the system to exploitation and abuse in some form or fashion. People more informed on the matter than you or I have given this serious thought, and ultimately this is the only truly fair way to treat the situation. All leavers are treated the same, regardless of the reasons for leaving.

Then please tell me how scaling the punishment with how long people are gone will lead to abuse? You are punishing them based on how much they affected the game.

Also, people have a right to not like aspects about a product and propose solutions. By your logic no one should ever post on the forums.

“I think this character is op and should be nerfed in this way”

You say this system is stupid and suggest that disconnections should not be punished. And then you link your idea that still punishes disconnections, albeit slightly less.

Also as somebody already mentioned in your post, you’re suggesting stuff that already existed but didn’t work out.

I didn’t say disconnects shouldn’t be punished. I said it should scale with duration and incourage people to reconnect as soon as possible. So disconnecting for 10 sec has basically no punishment since it has basically no affect on the game. Meanwhile leaving 2 min into a game that eventually lasts 20 min and not coming back will punish them more than they even are now.

Uhm yes you did.
OP’s post is about how he got punished for rejoin.
You said that that policy is stupid and then suggest the same…

Yes, he lost connection, immidiatly reconnected, won the game, and still received multiple losses worth of sr. The system is dumb.

Under my system he would have only received slightly less gained sr for winning.

I don’t like the current system, it’s dumb, but that doesn’t mean I want it’s exact opposite…

In the case of the respawn exploit, people who made use of this would receive the same scaled punishment as someone who legitimately disconnected and reconnected to the match. Potentially even less, since there was no actual interruption on their end. This would mean that the deterrent (-50 SR) would be lessened, making it more likely people would make use of an exploit like this.

Sure, you have the right to object to something and propose solutions to it. That doesn’t mean your objection is well founded, or that your proposed solution is a good solution. Particularly when the proposed solution is cast in the light of “Its so simple!”.

Then have the game not completely forget their existence X). An easy fix is to simply have their hero stay where they are standing uncontrolled until they or someone new comes into a game. So if they are in death lag, leaving doesn’t help. And if they are in a position where SDing is beneficial but have no good way to do so, leaving won’t help them.

(DotA has a simple AI take over that tries to walk the character back to spawn. Which could also work well)

Also it’s fine for you to criticize the idea. As long as you don’t frame it as “youre confident about your answer, therefore it must be wrong and I don’t even need to find why it wouldn’t work”.

You only lose SR for the win if you aren’t back in 90 seconds or 2 minutes, can’t remember which one. But if you rejoin right away, you don’t lose any SR.

I believe it’s 2 minutes now, they introduced that recently if I’m right.