Mercy Not Gaining Ult Charge from Damage Boost, Sound Effects Not Working (Video Proof too)


Hey there, whoever is reading this! This is a super harmful Mercy bug relating to her damage boost which has been in the game for a few months (ever since damage boost was changed to affect shots when they were shot, not when they hit), and I hope it could be looked at ASAP because it has a pretty negative effect on Mercy’s gameplay and ult economy.

For the last few months, damage boost has been bugged. Two parts of it are not working properly.

Firstly, damage boosting a killing blow gives Mercy no ult charge. For example, if you damage boost a Widowmaker and she headshots/oneshots an enemy, you get no ult charge as Mercy. But if you damage boost her and she hits non-lethal body shots, you do get ult charge. This bug isn’t just for headshots or one shots, but any lethal blow. If you damage boost a Mcree Deadeye who finishes off 3 enemies, and that ult is the killing blow on them, Mercy receives no ult charge. If you damage boost a Pulse Bomb which secures a kill, you receive no ult charge. But if these abilities don’t kill the enemy, you do receive ult charge. That is counter intuitive and not how damage boost used to function so I am assuming it is a bug, as there was no official change for this stated.

Secondly, the “Damage boost ticking” sound effect no longer plays when your teammate hits a lethal shot that kills the enemy. The sound effect plays for non-lethal “body shots”, but a one shot or a fatal blow makes no sound. This is very bad, as the Mercy player has no auditory cue that their teammate has killed the enemy, only auditory cues for hitting non-lethal shots. This bug was introduced when damage boost was changed a few months back, and I do remember a patch note saying that the sound effects were fixed, but they were only fixed to work for non-lethal shots.

As you can see, these bugs are harmful to Mercy’s gameplay and heavily restrict her ult charge gain from damage boosting people, meaning Valkyrie is up less often than it should be.

Here is a video of me from earlier today testing it in a comp game. I damage boosted my Widowmaker at the start of the round, she headshots and kills the enemy Widowmaker, but my ult charge remains at 1% and I receive no auditory sound that I damage boosted her shot.

As you can see, it is not working as intended. I damage boosted a shot that did 200 damage, and received 0 ult charge for it.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope this can be resolved as soon as possible, as this bug is having a very negative impact on Mercy’s overall power level, although it might not seem that way on the surface.

edit: Apparently, Mercy also can not heal/boost through barriers during her ultimate? As in, the chains do not heal through shields like her primary beam does. This is a huge issue and needs to be looked into as well, as this cripples her ultimate.

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this is a serious problem for pretty much all the mercy players i know it’d be great if they got this fixed sooner rather than later.


Apparently, Mercy also can not heal/boost through barriers during her ultimate? As in, the chains do not heal through shields like her primary beam does. This is a huge issue and needs to be looked into as well, as this cripples her ultimate.


Also a fix for on fire rate too would be great. After they adjusted the amount gained for her Resurrects they forgot to readjust it into other parts of her kit to make it worth more.


That’s actually crazy that this bug has been really unnoticed so thanks for bringing it up once again, I hope the devs can fix this in time!


this has been in the game for how many months??


I mean it’s Mercy, why are we surprised that there’s a bug that gives her problems for months and it hasn’t been fixed.
We should be used to that now, as sad as it is.


Damage boost prob isn’t a bug, it’s because if you damage boost a widowmaker headshot who headshots a 200 hp target, it the damage boost would ramp it up to 390 damage, but since the target only takes 200 of the damage, the extra damage mercy would have applied is ignored because the target didn’t take 390 damage, they only took 200 before they died. All it means is that damage boost is applied after what the original damage would have been, not before.


I think the main thing with Widow final blows that’s disrupting this is if you damage boost a fully charged Widow shot that hits a 200hp hero in the head, your damage boost effectively didn’t do anything. That target would have died whether you were damage boosting her or not. I’m pretty sure you can even check this by pressing tab: if Widow kills someone (200hp) with a fully charged shot that you were damage boosting, it doesn’t add anything to your “damage boosted” stat.

This is why I’ve always felt kinda weird damage boosting Widowmaker because unless she’s shooting tanks in the head, your damage boost isn’t really doing anything. It’s probably the same with a fully charged Hanzo arrow too. It does work with Ashe headshots tho because you are taking that 170 damage above the 200 hp execute threshold. Nonetheless I think Mercy should still probably recieve ult charge from Widow headshots, Hanzo headshots and McCree Deadeye’s anyway since I’m pretty sure that’s how it used to work unless this was another intentional sneaky Mercy nerf


They still haven’t fixed this? lmao

I guess they’re working on a new character who will probably be a good buff to Mercy and they can’t afford the time to fix something like this.


To be honest, I’m not sure you’re supposed to gain ult charge from damage boosting a oneshot that would’ve still been a oneshot even if you weren’t damage boosting.

If Widowmaker oneshots a 200 HP target and Mercy was damage boosting her, Mercy won’t get anything towards her “damage amplified” stat and no ult charge, because technically damage boosting that oneshot did nothing.

You only get ult charge if the damage boost actually counts towards your damage amplified stat.


So does discord work like this?

And why does the game go through the effort of annotating a Mercy assist on a Widow headshot?


Thats not how her damage boost works (or any ability in the game). The rules don’t change just because of a targets HP.

What we know is: her boost takes roughly 30% of the damage done to a target while her beam is attached to a hero and she earns it as ult charge.
Regardless of how much damage was done or whether or not the target dies instantly or is a final blow.

Mercy requires 1820 ‘ult charge’ to get ult.
If she damage boosts a widow and the widow gets a headshot on a 200hp target, Mercy is supposed to get roughly 60 ult charge from it (roughly 3%).
The boost is applied and it doesnt matter who she hits. If she hits a 200hp target and they die in one shot, then she gets 30% of that dmg for her ult. Mercy was still boosting them, so she gets credit and rewarded for it (for dmg boosting the correct target at the correct times), simple. Widow has a charge-up time on her damage. With a boost she can shoot faster meaning she’s hitting headshots faster yet despite this fact Mercy isnt getting credit for it despite the fact she IS boosting damage.

If that same shot landed on an Orisa(400hp) instead, the widow would have done 390dmg to the orisa (with a fully charged shot) because a fully charged widow headshot does 300dmg on a critical hit. Plus the 30% dmg boost from Mercy, which means Mercy would get 90 ult charge from it (5%)

That is why you dmg boost a widow. She can nearly oneshot most tanks, and can twoshot most others. And it IS supposed to get you ult charge. Otherwise there would be no incentive for Mercy to use her Damage Boost at all when she could farm ult on heals instead.

The fact Mercy isn’t getting ult charge on a killing blow with DMG boost IS a bug unless otherwise stated as a secret balance change added by the devs or they need to clarify how ult charge with damage boost works.

Because i distinctly remember that i used to get ult charge from boosting targets.


Agreed and it’s getting kinda ridiculous that we can’t talk about Mercy bugs anymore without being shunned first. Usually it’s the players that play the hero that find these bugs. Yet nobody wants to listen to a Mercy player these days. :expressionless:


I like playing Mercy, this is discouraging to see. Please address this matter.


It is, though.

It is all nice that you decided to do some calculations here and there, but if Widowmaker hits a headshot on a squishy and instantly kills them while Mercy was damage boosting her, Mercy basically didn’t damage boost anything, because Widowmaker outdamaged the squishy’s healthpool on her own even without the damage boost.

Damage boost does nothing to help Widowmaker when she’s killing squishies.


I thought i was crazy not getting the Auditory for a widow/hanzo/mccree 1 if they 1 shot… guess i wasn’t. And i oop. Plz fix Blizzard.


But the damage boost one shot still doesnt give credit if you kill an orisa who was less than max hp but more than 300 hp (head shot max charge w/o boost). That shot straight up wouldnt kill orisa normally but it doesnt give credit.


I don’t think discord charges zens ultimate either.

Edit: In my opinion if a sniper gets a kill from a one shot, if you damage boost them, I don’t see why you should get ult charge. They would have got that kill damage boosted or not. Fair enough for trying to help but it technically didn’t contribute to the kill.


Thats both true and not true at the same time as OP mentions here:

That being said, a bad widow or a widow who has to wait a lot between shots due to shields/lots of cover will often charge their shots to 100% = 300dmg.
A good widow or a widow with lots of targets will not need to wait until she’s full charge to shoot/kill a squishy (like another widowmaker). This is because widow can reach 200dmg before her shot fully charges.

With a Mercy pocket, she has to wait even less. And a good widow will capitalize on that especially in a widow vs widow duel because the widow with a dmg boost can fire a 200dmg shot 30% faster. AND in that situation, the Mercy’s dmg boost will have counted and yet she is not getting ult charge from instances like this which is what OP was mentioning.

And you can’t tell me that isn’t a problem. This regards all lethal blows (according to OP). I’ll do some testing with a friend to validate this because it could be a simple one-time glitch. An easy test will be boosting an Ashe because if it is true, then Mercy will never receive ult charge while boosting Ashe players.