Just nerf Rein already before every other tank player quits

Tbh, I think the better approach is either:

  • A. 1BarrierTank maximum per team, but not blocking DoubleOffTank.
    • Then buff Tanks a lot.
  • B. Some rule that weakens DoubleBarrier, like slower regen/cooldowns on barriers, if DoubleBarrier.
    • Then buff Tanks a lot.

Because i also suggest dumping his barrier from 1600 to 1000.

Getting into the enemy team would be a LOT more difficult with only 1000 health. And this is a blind suggestion. There’s this thing called testing that it would have to go through first, and a first pass at tuning could be done at that time.

So instead of blocking attacks for your team you want him to be another glorified DPS? What is wrong with just being a Tank?

I fully agree: their opinions are just so loud because a couple of people write thousands of forum posts.

How is this not outright punishing Rein mains? It’s the very worst parts of 2/2/2 amplified.

You’re talking about making a protected class of tank and handing them an excuse to basically be raid boss levels of broken because you’re balanced against only having one of them. Then, if you can only have one, but can have two off-tanks, it means balancing them against the off-tanks anyway. Which, if you do, negates the need to only have a 1 barrier tank restriction in the first place.

The entire concept is self-defeating and entirely negative. It introduces added complexity for no other reason than to forbid a specific meta, and we all saw how well that went last time.

The proper solution to a toxic meta is change. It’s that simple. Just change hero balance so that the toxic meta is not optimal and people won’t do it, and in this case it means making sure that picking off-tanks is a viable alternative to picking two barrier tanks.

Not a superior alternative. Just viable. It means nerfing barriers.

It means nerfing Rein since we’ve already nerfed Orisa and Sigma.

He still has a barrier to block attacks for his team. Just not more barrier than both orisa and sigma put together.

OMG…his team might have to use…[gasp]…COVER??!?!?!?!? OMG THE WORD IS ENDING!

Well, I did have a better solution, but “Main Tank Hammond” players freaked out about it.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

Even though true “Main Tank Hammond” players only exist for about 2% of the players, about 10% of the time they play.

Open Queue. Boom instant 5 dps picks.

“we need a rein or mercy”

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I’m a main tank Hammon player.

Tbh, unless you drastically change how Ult charge, BioNade, snipers, Earthshatter work…That’s not gonna work very well.

That’s what I was trying to solve for with that 3AM post. But you were able to poke that one full of holes. So yeah, that’s problematic.

I saw that, and I really don’t think it would work like you think it would. You’re basically turning the majority of the tank roster into DPS with the “bruiser” category and restricting every comp to one of three tanks while making barriers mandatory.

This utterly kills variety and would forever restrict us to playing Barrier-watch. Also, it would require a complete retooling of the ENTIRE tanking lineup. Not just rein. Not just the barrier tanks.

All tanks.

It’s…not a good idea. It would completely deep-six the “bruisers”. You’d either never, ever see them in play or they would be mandatory. There’s no in-between there if they’re optional, and if you make them mandatory you just make DPS and support queues even worse.

It’s a valiant effort, but doubling down on 2/2/2 and making it even more restrictive is not an answer to anything.

Realistically unless you’re in Masters/GM, you probably aren’t playing with teammates capable of taking advantage of the relatively small windows of time that “main tank Hammond” provides.

Sure it would. The only adjustment is that if you suddenly get too many ults flying around you level another global ult charge nerf. No need to change how we generate ult charge at the game’s core.

OW team: We just nerfed Rein!
Tank players: Bye then!

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I never said I was an effective main tank Hammond player. He’s a lot of fun to play, though.


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No, you’d have to play Rein/Sigma, even though it’d be horrible to play as, becuase you’d literally be there for your shield.

It’s fun, sure, but I feel like 99% of the people calling themselves “main tank Hammond” aren’t providing anywhere near the raw function of a Reinhardt player, and it’s just a casual excuse to play like a fat Tracer.

Sounds typical. I don’t want to play Main Tank, so nerf main tanks so off tanks are viable. Literally a joke topic now.

I understand that you want something done to Reinhardt, but how many threads are you going to make with this? At this point, you should make your own megathread and post in there, because here are the topics you’ve made on Reinhardt just this month, revolving around the similar body of your post.

This isn’t mentioning the ones where you pepper in some Reinhardt-frustration. And I get it, Reinhardt should be toned down. But you’ve complained about the same thing, over, and over, and over, that it’s becoming redundant, dude. You’re beating a dead horse at this point. And when people offer any form of discussion to you that doesn’t align with your views, you vehemently shut it down.

I’m not sure what you want to accomplish anymore. The discussion’s been made, you’re repeating yourself multiple times now. And it’s all based on anecdotes. I’ve won many games without a Reinhardt or Zarya.

It’s becoming close to spam at this point, Mitrovarr. I’m not sure a discussion can be carried out any further…



If you balance the barrier tanks so that they don’t turn off-tanks into throw picks you open up the tank lineup to include the off-tanks and, in effect, remove the distinction between main and off tanks. This allows tank players to play whatever they want instead of forcing 50% of them into a barrier tank they might not want to play.

The very idea that nerfing rein will somehow kill all tanking is just delusional. As long as you don’t dumpster him, he’ll still see play.