Hero pools is a brave and holistic change

Hey Jeff, wouldn’t we need different Hero pools for each Rank, since dps heroes in GM are different than dps picks in gold? Or is this the next step?

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Except you just told me in the scenario they would be dropping points fast because Sigma is blocked from usage…so you’re not a plat Tank. You’re a plat Sigma player. Being a plat Tank player insinuates that you play TANKS, as in the class and role, not just one hero.

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Pretty, pretty please. :grinning:

Hero pools different for each rank seems complicated if a high gold queues with a high diamond

it’s curated by us. so it will be a combination of targeting metas that players are being vocally negative about (recent examples: double barrier, goats) and slightly encouraging other playstyles (i.e. “more mobile” comps might be fun for a week…)

but i am sure we’ll refine our approach over time.


Love you papa but we need echo ASAP

rotating every match is kinda fun, max is 1 day, 1 week is too much

u should make a poll or survey how long community wants

i bet most people will vote every match or day


Please let this happen.

Also please let the map pool change frequently, it gets so boring so fast.


ooooh sounds like fun… we should let you all try, huh?


Will the first wave of bans be one that encourages dive comp?

Oh please please do, I was excited to try it

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A Competitive Classic mode would be greatly appreciated. i.e. without role queue and hero pool. Thanks


When you play Sigma, a tank, and win a game. What role do you gain SR in?

I might agree with you, but I never would want people livelihood to be ruined over a game, even if it is their job.

Don’t get me wrong though I pretty much agree about some changes being really bad.

Also a good point, if heroes change weekly, the maps should too

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That’s too random

One match Lucio is banned on 2cp and the next genji and Hamster are banned on Havana

Feels more rpg-based than meta-targetting

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We got a live Q and A rn yall

I dont care what you or my teammates play
I care what other team play and pick what will not make me hate my existence in match.
So if other team run doomfist… i rather have option to not play tank in ranked. etc.

Yeah sure you can basicly ban your rein and your orisa if you get unlucky but how much change will it make in Gold if you ban the top dps from GM?

Would you consider “role pools”?

Like one week we have 2-2-2 lock, the next is 1-3-2?