Re: Hero Pools - restrictions on player choice have gotten out of control

we freakinpaid for this game you idiot. We have rights to talk about this shxt game.

Wonder if they intend to make the bans even per role or just aggressively shut down X meta by wiping out things they don’t like for a week.

Two bans from the Tank role is pretty severe… In this example Rein will end up with 100% pickrate and a ton of hate for any duo that don’t pick him… =_=“

jesus you people hate on everything that ins’t 4-5 dps comps…

Viable and available are not the same thing - you can still choose them

meta with unlimited heroes, 2 heroes became the only characters you needed if i remember correctly, might be 3.
but still 3 heroes of what? 16 possible? in 12 slots?
that’s pretty bad.
so they fixed it.

then before role qeue we had 3 tanks and 3 supports.
that was bad because dps didn’t felt included in the meta.
so they fixed it.

now hero pools are out so there is no long term metas that reign for a long period of time.

all of these was at the expense of player freedom, but it was structure that needed to be established in order to create a healthier game overall.

but let’s not forget that overwatch is a very experimental game.
changes like these are to be expected.

  1. It’s not RNG.
  1. They aren’t giving up on balancing the game.
  1. They aren’t relying on this as a fix; they are experimenting with a new season, as they should with seasons.

As someone who actually understands what’s going on, I think it will go down in history as a huge step in the right direction for game balance.


Yes…you paid for their game. If your vision of what OW should be doesn’t match with theirs then tough luck. Find another game you like better.

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Heros pools are the dumbest idea this guys ever had. Bye Bye my sctock from blizzard.

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They should keep hero pools, remove role queue for QP (period. Entirely) and Keep role queue to group finder. Or allow groups with different team comps to queue for comp.

but you are throwing if you pick any other hero

OK, so what if the counter hero you really need for a given enemy comp is banned that week? Since you’re effectively set up for failure, that enemy comp becomes the meta for that week. That to me sounds like the exact opposite of what this idea was trying to accomplish.

This is a flat out lie. EVO has never banned Ice Climbers for wobbling. The commentators mentioned the discussion onstream that was brewing in the Smash community about banning, but Icies never even broke into quarterfinals so it didn’t matter. And now that Melee is out of rotation at EVO, it definitely doesn’t matter.

Other grassroots tournaments ban wobbling tech outright as an immediate DQ or stock loss, with only one tournament in recent memory (Get On My Level 2019) with an actual venue banning Ice Climbers as a pick.

The conditions to actually start a wobble are already extremely niche and difficult to set up so even though it’s a killjoy, it’s still a well-earned stock.

  • both Nana and Popo must be alive on one stock
  • Icies must have experienced a desync within a second of grabbing the enemy
  • high percent on the enemy, which almost always means high percent on Icies themselves
  • the GameCube or Wii cannot have been running for more than a couple of hours, else the polling rate and refresh rate will have desynced, increasing the chances of a mash out
    • grabbed players CAN still escape with a high button mash APM, Westballz famously did this on a set onstream

In fact, one of the tournaments that previously banned Icies now ALLOW them again. Making it purely up to the tournament organizers.

They pretty much did when they started letting the loudest people screaming on the forums dictate what gets changed.

They’ve been phoning it in for a long time now.

Next month dev update:
“We feel that if heroes can only use “E” abilities,it will really shake up the metas.”

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Slippery slope arguments are a logical fallacy and only serve to devalue any credibility you have.

Wanna play one boring meta all over again? Wanna don’t switch one broken hero in my team all over again? You won’t anymore. Stop whining like a little kid and wait till this change drops live. I hate 2-2-2, but hero pools is great. And also, no hero limits lead to madness and one true meta. So please, don’t whine about that.

The point is i didnt try to include any credibility in that comment, good luck next time.
Hero pools are a bad idea tho, all effects can be already seen by anyone who knows how players behave in literally all online game.

-Que times increase because why you would play when the hero pool that week is horrible.
-Ranks will mix heavily, because until now you could be hard countered by certain heroes, now you just have to wait until those counters are unavailable.
-Below diamond people dont give a “thing” about the meta and so long as the roles are balanced(with 2-2-2 they are), nobody cares what heroes you play as long as u get results.

I wouldnt worry tho, i dont see this thing implemented on the long run,its suicidal on all aspect.

It would be funny if it wasn’t true, but it is.

Remember a while ago in an interview (regarding hero bans) they said that preventing someone from swapping to a hero that they felt was needed goes against the spirit of Overwatch?

Then shortly after we got forced 2/2/2, and now this. I know it’s just for OWL (according to what I’ve read), but aren’t there better ways of seeing heroes other than the same 10? Imagine if only they’d actually balance the game rather than come up with gimmicks that violate their morals.

Unless Blizzard will be regularly rotating bans on various meta heroes throughout each competitive system I don’t really see this being an effective system at all. You can just as easily blast your way through comp with a meta pick and just wait it out for the week while they’re banned and return to kicking everyone’s heads off again. It’s not like banning non-meta heros would do anything to change anything. It’d just be far easier to give each team a choice in bans instead of this needlessly roundabout solution.

OP, not to worry, most players don’t like to choose.

Maybe next Blizzard will decide, which specific hero everyone plays, so players don’t have to decide on hero picks at all.

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