What do you think the first "Expiremental" thing is going to be?

I could see a sym revert being looked at first as she has a loyal and vocal fanbase. they specifically mentioned reverts for like the first time ever.


as nice as it would be to get a symmetra revert, I don’t see it likely. lots of resources have been put into 3.0 to just get rid of it.

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DPS Roadhog and 1-2-3.

Im waiting for sym changes and the community to get QQ rage mode that she can actually be used xD

I expect 1-3-2…

Oh… almost forgot the Moira healing nerfs. :thinking:

Experimental thing is going to be for testing things like 1-3-2 as well as PTR for console. Also could be map changes, and core OW changes (such as when they reduced the time on 2CP maps from getting 4 minutes when capping point B to only 3).

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I think they were referring to the Reaper revert on the lifesteal, which put him back where he was before.

I’m pretty sure Sym’s going to get nerfed to have her gun changed to a water pistol. It will fire five spurts of water, doing 1 damage per hit if on the face. Otherwise, the water will envigorate the enemy and give them the “Refreshed” Buff. This buff enhances their damage by 99%, gives them life regen, a speed boost, shields equal to their overall max health, and the ability to fly.

Ya that’s another thing I think probably comes to it early. The stuff regarding making gamemodes shorter. They talked about that recently too and I believe he even threw it out as a hypothetical in the developer update (though i don’t want to read too deeply into that)

I could be misinterpreting that tho, I dunno if he means “shorter queues” or “shorter rounds” but it kinda sounds like both.

132, I hope. And, if so, I’m super excited for it.

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I think by reverts they mean number changes or small behavioral changes, not reimplementing an entire hero.

I’m not saying it can’t happen, but I definitely wouldn’t get my hopes up.

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It will most likely bring more owl catering garbage like hero bans.

Being able to play with more highly experimental changes that they already have internally would be really cool. It also really expands the base of feedback from probably a few dozen to thousands. That’s a much improved sample size.

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Mercy, Pharah, Sym, Brig 1.0 reverts baybeee

I would imagine the 1-3-2 team composition they wanted us all to try, perhaps a few balance changes too.

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ya I’m excited for that too. The mindset shift around the gamemode vs the ptr (legitimately just experimenting vs staging something for live) will be nice for them I’m sure, because it allows them to really put some potentially crazy stuff on there without much backlash. PTR has a pretty hard to remove stigma about it being a “guaranteed to go live” zone :laughing:

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Jess said it will be various experiments.

Basically, it’s the PTR on steroids.

It’s more accessible and more experimental. I wish and expect to see all sorts of experiments like better respawn systems, better objective criteria, unique map changes, new ways ultimates work, and so on.

Keep it interesting, keep it snappy, and gather lots of data, Blizzard.

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250HP Sym is unavoidable

I would say it’s a mix however meta is the aspect that they will focus on since it effects OWL and buff/nerfs (as Jeff mentions changes to heroes are partly based on meta). OWL is where the money is at.

1/3/2 pretty much confirmed


ya I saw that lol Jeff rly be wildin out today