I have a question regarding experimental cards

So as well know, the main source of knowing balance changes are through the “PTR Patch Notes” posts in the PTR feedback. But how is it gonna be with experimental card? Is it gonna be called “Experimental Patch Notes - [Insert date]” or something along those lines? And if so, are they gonna be posted in the general discussion or announcements?

I’m just kinda curious how we’ll receive balance patch information from here on out since the PTR won’t be relevant for balance now.

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Given how useless PTR feedback as been, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t bother.

You mean we just find out straight from the live client?

PTR feedback was FULL of Brig is underpowered posts after her nerf, but…
They also made her unpickable after the nerf, so NONE of those posters had even loaded up PTR to try her out.

I think they will be looking at the stats from the games rather than listen to feedback.

I am 100% sure they did the ban her and make the change to test if PTR feedback was worth reading.

It obviously isn’t.

So experimental cards will give them actual win rates etc, I don’t think they will give a forum for feedback for it after that mess.

I don’t think the experimental cards are gonna be used for balance changes. Think they’ll be bigger changes like 1-3-2, hero reworks etc. (I swear they mentioned this before, but I can’t remember)

If that’s the case, they’ll probably just be included in the live patch notes.

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I think they will need PTR sometimes for big changes - not something which can be put together with workshop.

Experimental will be off the back of the workshop system they put in, where they can make changes WITHOUT requiring an actual patch update.

Didn’t they literally say in the dev update it would be used for testing balance/gameplay changes?

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Technically, in order to change something in the experimental card, they’d be making changes to the live game… So it’d just be in the normal live patch notes.

Just under a header saying


I’d imagine that’d be the case anyway; same as they do workshop

The card isn’t going to be there all the time. They’re only going to bring it out when they want feedback on something big and/or crazy that they’re not 100% sure about. They aren’t going to put normal balance stuff in there. The new balance philosophy is to just throw new numbers onto live and then change it later if it doesn’t work.

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You are probably right, I might’ve gotten confused and switched the information in my head at some point.

It’s just this comment by Jeff seemed to suggest 1-3-2 could be one of the cards:

Who knows what extensions to workshop they have access to that we don’t.

I’m guessing 1.45 will hit live next week. They will have Hero Pools in the Exp Card for about a week before Season 21. This would line up with the OWL rule about patches hitting them 2 weekends later.