Will any heroes be immune to weekly hero bans?

Will there be any heroes immune to bans? If the bans are random there could be a chance where some heroes maybe selected more often than others. Right?

If they are then the system is biased an utterly loses the point.


They randomly pick based on the most played heros at the time.
Atleast, that’s what I heard.

I don’t really know why any hero would get immunity

They’re not random. From the hero pool thread that Jeff replied to:

I don’t think they’ll be banning unpopular heroes like Bastion when so few people already play them. OWL will ban one tank, one support, and two DPS but I haven’t found anywhere to suggest that that same ratio of roles will be banned for the live game, though I suspect that will be something they keep in mind when selecting hero pools.



For example, one week might have Orisa, Hammond, Tracer, and Lucio banned, which would likely result in players favoring a more Dive-like comp that week.

Certain heroes like Symmetra may see bans incredibly rarely but it would most likely be an expression of their lack of impact rather than favoritism. I also believe it’s unlikely a very popular hero, for example Genji, will see many bans, instead being more likely to be hit with nerfs if they prove oppressive. Bans are most likely going to be targeting more ‘metapick’ heroes that don’t see as much play unless there is a meta enabling them.

Probably not. They said no hero would be banned 2 weeks in a row, but that doesn’t stop them from being banned on week 1, open on week 2, then banned again week 3 effectively meaning they’re banned for half the season if it continues.

Hero pools don’t make for better players, they make for more leavers and toxic people. It also stops people who paid money to play their favourites they’ve worked to learn for comp, unable to play them.

Just so you are aware…

Jeff said that weekly hero bans may appear only in season 21 competitive and OWL.

Quick Play and other play modes will not see weekly hero bans.

low pickrate F tiers, banning them does absolutely nothing so they’ll never really get considered.

Well Soldier 76 is part of the 4 right now… so I have no idea tbh.