Hero bans really

So the first heros to be banned are genji and mccree. Well guess im one tricking sombra and hog

Unlucky. They aren’t targeting you or anything

It’s a random ban, you complain against an algorithm

It’s literally for one week. Also, get better at your role for competitive and not just one hero.


Its not really random. The OWL is using a pseudo random one weighted towards higher pick rated characters but the ladder one will be picked out by Blizzard. What I do not get is how people are just assuming that what is up on the first week of PTR WILL be the first week of bans when they go live as though they wont rotate them 3 or 4 times before March anyway.

banning mccree monka, time to onetrick doom since nobody knows how to play sombra in diamond

Genji and McCree is targeting all the basics out there. They have been the two most popular dps FOREVA.

What, for one day? Cos bans rotate dailyon the PTR at the moment, it seems.

hope it’s daily, that be dope

Daily makes a bit of sense; it would confuse people but the advantage is that people maining banned heroes won’t need to wait a week.

*Reaper Shrug *

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In the game proper, the current plan is to rotate it weekly, FYI.
I recommend carefully watching the dev update video.

How do you know this isn’t just the random shuffle of the PTR to bug test?

Gonna just quote jeff on this one: