Why is every so fast to judge?

This takes the choice away from players to create their own metas. Jeff and co. are choosing metas for everyone to adopt to. It’s not giving players more freedom.

But by the time people “figure out the new meta” it’ll almost be time to change it again. It kinda forces people to be creative and play around the rotated out heroes they can’t pick. People who play the meta the most (gms T500 pros etc) seemed to be pretty happy about the decision.

for me its beacuse they stated no hero bans, we will ge a brand new system and this is not a system, this is devs hero bans, the easyest thing to code they could done, so im disapointed, confused, and not happy about heroes randomly baned.

lol? It will take less than a day for people to figure out the meta Jeff and co. want people to play. They’ll just watch what pro players are doing on their streams. And by the next day if you’re not playing the meta that you didn’t realize was out, people are still gonna treat you the same way as they do now.

But it takes a day or 2 before even they figure this out. Espeically if people are just completely off the table. It’s no longer “how do I make this work now” it becomes “now what do I do since this isn’t an option”

Jeff said that they are curating the hero pool themselves, so they have an idea in mind for what they want the meta to be. You can see at a glance which heroes are banned and figure out which ones would be the most effective (ex. x hero is gone that counters y hero, so y hero gonna be good). I don’t think it’ll take that long to figure out.

Okay, and considering tanks/supports usually determine the meta - I can see what you mean from this. But imagine the last 6+months of playing tank in diamond+…
pick orisa
shoot shield
pick sigma
shoot shield
if you don’t do this then you will probably get flamed.
pick moira we need her. pick baps we need him.
At least they get refreshed once a week instead of months of stagnation of playing the same hero over and over and over…
And as a low rank player - god I can’t wait for the week where I don’t have to worry about Moira sucking the life out of me. Where it’s kill or be killed … by moira lol. She’s a good hero but GOD she’s annoying sometimes. And I don’t want her nerfed anymore and definately not buffed. It’ll be nice to just have a break from certain heros to not have to worry about the possibility of them showing up.

I’m not disagreeing that the current meta sucks. I just would rather see what Jeff and co. had in mind with their more frequent balance changes with their new philosophy towards 222 than deciding to ban heroes on a rotation during a live season… They don’t seem to be giving the community a chance to change with any upcoming balance changes, but instead want to dictate what meta they’d like to see.

Edit: I wouldn’t mind so much if the hero pool was going to be a new arcade mode or even added to QP. I don’t like adding it to a live comp season. It just feels like competitive Mystery Heroes…

But that’s why I don’t like mystery heroes. You get zero say in what you play. I don’t play it cuz I always end up playing support and if I’m playing support I’d rather be getting comp points doing it since that’s what I’m usually doing. I feel like what they’re doing is trying to force us to be creative - which I think is a good idea.
But I also see how this could possibly go bad but I’m still willing to try it. Like Jeff even said - They could end up doing away with it in season 22. But it’s a nice shake up - especially to people who ONLY play comp and feel like they don’t get a chance to play someone different.
I think the biggest point a lot of us are trying to make is -people judging it before even trying it isn’t good. We’re so starved for changes and updates lets at least try what they’re offering first.

I’m not against trying it, but I don’t think they should’ve added it to a live competitive season. I have ZERO desire to want to lose rating/SR testing Jeff’s newest idea. Someone asked him about putting it in the “experimental” mode, but he said that wouldn’t be ready until end of Feb. Why not postpone it? Oh, because they want to use it in OWL. But why not just let the pros try it out? I just don’t understand this decision to push it live and force it on everyone. And I don’t understand why Jeff said in the SAME dev update that they wanted to do more frequent balance changes and yet are going to also do this hero pool that changes the meta. How can you balance for that? You can’t. I would’ve been fine if Jeff decided to test out hero pool in QP or a separate Arcade mode for a few weeks. I am however against adding it right away to a live comp season.

Edit: Now that I think about it, Jeff said Season 21 was starting in March. But he said here that they couldn’t do it with the Experimental Card because it won’t be ready until Feb. WTF Jeff.

I’m so glad you guys exist and I’m not alone!! It’s so hard to make people UNDERSTAND


So true i agree guys.


Right. I am thinking, why not adding hero pools to experimental card?

Right. If they really wanted to avoid a meta then this change is a bad direction. IF they thought one hero was too strong they could either tone down their abilities OR they could add new heroes that counter those abilities and other heroes to counter that, making fast hero change play viable like the game originally promised to be. The game was sold on the idea that it was rock-paper-scissors, but not it’s eat rocks and like it.

It doesn’t take a genius to know hero pools will be chaos. There are a lot of problems.

  • Already limited support/tank pools: banning the popular tanks/supports will leave us with options that are very underpowered and boring to play
  • Games will be won because of lack of counter play, not skill
  • It will be in the game for 2 months. That’s a LONG time in terms of video games. Many players will be long gone by the time it gets removed if it’s bad
  • The devs have a track record of not listening to the community or reverting bad changes. I don’t trust they will make the appropriate changes if it’s bad

Also, not an issue with hero pools, but with the devs. They completely lied to us. These are hero bans. Jeff told us they weren’t going to introduce bans, but they did


You believe them after what has been passed threw PTR? You got another thing coming. Also I have a feeling they are doing this to keep their precious OverwatchLeague alive.

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Well releasing 2 systems for different experience testing. Experimental Card is supposed to be used for buffs and nerfs not necessarily a new competitive mode.

it’s like how we had competitive season 18 as a beta. Except now it’s more of a season 21 testing. Not necessarily meaning we will get it though, if the feedback is bad.
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https:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyNJ_cTVQpE
I feel like Jayne offers some good insight on this. He’s been deeply involved with different aspects of OW for a long time. Coaching league teams, streaming fun content and really good at teaching/informing people who are trying to learn. Even he laughs at the thought of trying to make weekly videos saying what the new meta is and how little of an adjustment period that would give people.
It may not change anyone’s mind but he’s got a fun-almost comforting -way of approaching it that I think could spread some positive outlook on the matter.

That’s a great looking pizza! You guys decided to throw on some nice topping controls and toss it in the oven, but we don’t even have air to breath, water to drink, or a place to sit.

Fix the damn in-game systems, lower queue times, and solve all the laddering issues and ranked problems, then worry about balance and meta.

There is nothing ‘competitive’ about not even being able to compete for more than 3-4 actual matches per night.

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