Hero pools is a brave and holistic change

This, I really like. So, you guys are testing the waters. That’s awesome. Knowing you’re taking this approach, as well as you sounding more open to reverts (as you mentioned in the dev update), and even doing stuff like the experimentation card, is really exciting to see.

Personally, I have a much better time being open to an idea when I know it’s just something to try out. What used to make me nervous, in this game, is when something hit the PTR, It was almost guaranteed to come to live. So, I felt like that no matter what any of us did or said, we would just have to deal with whatever was coming.

This, though, this is good. It feels like you’re having more give and take with us. And I appreciate that. Thank you for taking the time to post here.

For what it is worth, I think every day would be an amazing idea. One week feels like a lot for people to go without playing their best or favorite hero. And, changing it every match, I think would be too chaotic.

Every day seems like it would meet a nice sweet spot. But, of course, that’s just my opinion based on what we know so far. We’ll have to test it out to really be sure.

Again, thank you for posting here.

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Work? Sure. They’re doing the job.

Hard? Def not, i see a huge curve around what is the ‘straight road’ of player wants.

The only one that worked hard on this change was the graphic designer for the experimental card look.

And I care because?

I have other things to do. If I can’t have fun playing Overwatch, I’ll do something else. (And no, playing Dva and Sombra in silver isn’t a replacement from playing Mercy in plat.)

If they don’t care that I leave the game, more power to them.


Speaking of OW2, has there been any thought about a Competitive Classic mode added to the game as maybe an arcade mode?

Torb Sym Doom Widow Genji are the hero pools for a week:

Widow & Doom proceed to have a 16% pick rate in gm

In a situation where they cater to a group, their options will effect either, let say for example 1tricks or versatile players (remember it just a poor example), they can either go with the people trying to play how they intended or with the people going against it.

Keep in mind they are probably losing players regardless and it just about which group they want to keep kinda thing.

we would never limit the pool to just one tank. you’ll never be forced to play a single tank, such as D.va as described above… if you love playing all the other tanks, you’ll be fine.


Thanks so much for the response!

Are there any specific balance changes you see needing to happen to accompany this system? I feel like some tanks/supports/DPS (Mercy, Winston, Bastion) are seen as not being very strong and Im not sure what will happen to them in hero pools. Maybe it will allow them to finally get some playtime though.

Jeff, with the implementation of hero pools, I fear this may have some amplified effect toward disruptive behavior where players may leave Competitive matches deliberately especially if they feel they can’t pick the heroes they want that they think gives them the best chance to win. So I have two questions:

  1. Will the hero pool be displayed upfront each week (like how there is a pop-up detailing the season when a new Competitive Season starts) and players can check it before they queue?

  2. Will there be any further plans to help deter bad leaver behavior in Overwatch?

For example, there was a game I played last night where it was very likely one of my opponents left due to rage quitting leaving an easy and unsatisfactory win for my team. I feel there still can be some stronger deterrents to bad leaver behavior (from all game modes) and discourage players from playing Competitive with technical issues.

As one of the forum MVPs, I know the delicate balancing for leaver penalties in both Quick Play and Competitive, and understanding minor one-time technical issues which can happen to anyone versus those who deliberately leave games. Yet, I feel there could be a pinch bit more firm enforcement to stop players from deliberately leaving a game unnecessarily or attempting to queue without fixing a technical problem.


This is a good question. With hero pools coming, would there be a way to experience normal competitive before role queue and before hero pools? Like a genuine competitive classic

One tricks don’t have to die off, and of people are sick of the competitive classic meta, they can go to normal competitive for a better experience just like role queue


Also, follow-up question:

It’s been proven that overbuff can be inaccurate on pick rates and win rates in the past, are there any plans to have some sort of tool that shows what’s being picked like this in the future that pulls data from both private and public profiles so we can get a more accurate look at how the game’s doing?


Sigma is a tank, so you are a plat tank player

Are you guys planning on disabling multiple heroes within a role?
Such as, banning Rein, Dva and Roadhog. Only leaving 5 tanks to pick from (4 if your tank buddy selected a tank before you did)

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Was wondering how this would work myself.


Well you do enough to comment stating you will leave (even if temp), at the very least.


That may be true, but the situation could have been different if Blizzard had not messed up repeatedly since January of 2017 or so. Everything has gone downhill since then. And in the end I wish Blizzard utter and total failure…

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I dont think theyre sure on exact numbers as Jeff kinda beat around a question earlier

I think they won’t ban many tanks or supports tho

Will the 1-3-2 system you talked about earlier in another post be in the experimental mode? You said you wanted us to try it out for ourselves.

Also, can you provide a hint on the next hero? Pretty please :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m sure they will post it up front when you do your queue for which role you want to play as.

I think disabling 1 is enough to cripple any meta, so we dont have to worry about that.