Game Freezing and Crashing After Latest Patch (Compendium) First week of May 2018

The latest Blizzard Support troubleshooting steps for this are located at this link.


Here’s a link that may help you with your issues Thanks WyomingMyst

This user fixed his issue by turning off Overwolf

If you also had this problem please include as much information in your post as possible. Here’s a list of things that would be good to include:

  • Include your dxdiag (instructions above in blue)
  • The map you were playing on
  • Where it happened in that map and when it happened
  • What character you were playing as
  • Your system’s specs, like CPU, GPU, OS, the more the better
  • List the background apps and overlays you use (like Chrome, Discord, Geforce overlay)
  • If a crash report was generated please include it with your post

At the bottom of this post I’ve included a list of threads by other players that are having similar issues, below that is a link to a thread for users that have not had issues in case that information may be useful.

Currently it seems like most issues are related to the new map Rialto and freezing/crashing generally happens when a player dies. However there is also an issue where players struggle to start the game at all, I had this issue yesterday, but not since then.

This happened to myself yesterday. I tried to start the game several times and it just kept crashing immediately. I scanned & repaired, rebooted, nothing fixed it but it started working after hitting Play a few times and going through a few crashes. I should have saved the bug report, but I didn’t. I don’t know if I’ll have the problem again today, but I’ll update this post if I do with the bug report included.
Update I just played about five Arcade games on Rialto, I was playing as Roadhog, D.Va, and Reinhardt and had no issues.
Update May 6th I just attempted to hit ‘Play’ in the Blizzard Launcher and the game crashed immediately. This is the code I received:
I tried to launch the game again and I got this error: General Error. (0xE0010160) I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t on the latest Nvidia driver, when I checked the other day it had said I was. I’m updating and trying again. My game starts now, it was either the reboot or graphics driver fixed the issue. Likely the new driver.

My system specs are:
My Dxdiag (too large to post here)
i7 5820k
GTX 1080ti
Windows 10 Home
The OS is on a SSD, the game is on an HDD
Background apps and overlays: Chrome, Discord, Blizzardapp, Sound Playback Devices window, Geforce overlay so I can record gameplay.

My sister had her game freeze in the middle of a Quick Play match. She could not hear any game audio. She says that she was playing as Mercy, went in to res a player, as that action finished she was shot by Roadhog. She isn’t sure if the shot from Roadhog killed her, but it froze right when that happened. This was on the map Rialto near the 1st attacker spawn. She had to hit CTRL+ALT+DEL to get out of the game and kill it. It worked fine after a restart, there was no bug/crash report generated when it happened. She has not had any more problems since.

Her specs are:
Her Dxdiag (too large to post here)
i5 4590
GTX 970
Windows 10 Pro
The OS and the game are on a SSD
Background apps and overlays: Chrome, Discord, Discord overlay, Blizzardapp, Geforce overlay so she can record gameplay.

Some threads below may prove less than useful, but I’ve included all that I could find in case a user replied to one with helpful information and to help show how many players are currently having issues. I have tried my best to indicate if multiple threads are by the same user.

These two are by the same user:

These two are by the same user:

In case this information is useful, this user has created a thread for people that have NOT had any crashes or freezes:


This is still happening as of right now.


Make sure you contact Blizzard Support regarding this situation including Msinfo and DxDiag files so they can gather information about that case.


I Saw my quote and realized the typos I had , I fixed them. XD


Count me in. Started the day with 0xe0010160 errors, updated to the latest nVidia drivers, and am now enjoying random freezes and crashes. No problems from S1 until the Rialto patch on my 1070.


Can confirm this has happened to me too since the Thursday patch.


Hello, i have a same problems with Overwatch. I Play Rialto and become frezze. New Start from Pc is useful.

I Have Intel i7 7700K
Windows 10 OS Build 1803
GeForce 1060 6 GB

Game on HDD WIndows on SDD.

Also mistakes came when I did the ulti and nobody got the ulti announced.

Whether it was because I do not know but it is also a mistake on the new map with Soldier76


same issue here, happened twice actually…

once was during match side switch and another one during respawn

screen frozen but bgm/sfx still playing continuously, not looping

32g ram
2x 1080ti (sli)
3x ssd in raid0
win10 x64


yeah it froze for me 30 minutes ago, overwatch has never did this before, i couldn’t even alt+f4 had to log off and log on again.


I have had a freeze in latest PTR in QP. I couldn’t get the task manager to popup, had to sign out to get back to a usable machine.

Same happened on main latest patch loading a highlight. The game just froze and I had to sign out to use my computer again.

This feels like a really bad bug.

Windows 10 (64 bit)
Intel® Core™ i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080


I had this bug all day yesterday, lost 300 sr to it, not playing Overwatch till it is fixed

AMD FX 8350 8 core cpu 4.01GHz
EVGA GTX 970 ftw
Windows 10


I’ve never had DC, crash, or freeze issues prior to the most recent patch. Since then, I have experienced my game freezing going into the map/prior to hero selection (I can still hear the music play all the way through/sounds of my team in spawn but cannot see anything), I have also experienced my game crashing right after dying - it just freezes on my death, I’m still hearing the game and in VC, but my game won’t do anything.

In both instances, the only way to fix the issue is having to do a hard reboot. I cannot even Ctrl+Alt+Del to get to Task Manager to force stop the game.

Drivers are all up to date, no background programs, downloads, overlay issues, etc. Scanned & repaired OW via Blizzard client and problem still persists.

Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz
Windows 10 (64 bit)


Thanks for posting here guys, hopefully it’ll help draw attention to the issue with everything in one place. I’ve been trying to link to all the related threads, but I’ll probably fall behind before long :stuck_out_tongue:

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This happend to me 3 or 4 times now and i lost like 200sr cuz of it. It happend to my friends to. Why is that happening and can you fix it pls? :smiley:

It started happening after the last patch

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happened to me twice. Once in loading screen and once with death animation. lost around 80 sr to it.

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Keep linking, I have my own topic aswell! Get as much friends as possible to reply here.

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Alright, I decided to look for several more, I found some that were posted within the last two days but probably wont add any older ones in case they’re not relevant to the current issue.

It constantly freezes on me since the latest patch no matter what map. Audio is still working while the screen is frozen.

Intel Core i7-5820K 6x3.30GHz


Map: Ilios, Quick play

i7-7700k CPU @ 4.20GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
16GB Ram
Windows 10 (64bit)

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I’m at a 2 hour suspension from Competitive currently due to freezing randomly. Once at the first screen where the 2 teams and MMR/ELO are displayed. Once upon dying in a teamfight. Unable to end task through task manager, had to log out (of Windows) to be able to do anything.

Specs: i7 4710 @ 2.5
Nvidia GTX 970m
16 gb RAM
Windows 10