Custom Legendary Bots V10 (300 Rules!)- Final Patch Notes + TRAILER

Hi there, the new patch 10.0 (8.0 + 9.0 together) is on the way. Here an overview what you can expect.



Final Notes:

New Feature: CTF, FFA, TDM Mode Support
New Feature: AI Control (Bots will control a player, if he is afk for 30sec (end the control with crouch))


  • Reduced Element Amount from 20000 to 12000 without changing the core AI (structure update 8.0)
  • Some Pathfinding improvements
  • Disabled Sniper behavior for some deeper updates
  • Bots no longer always try to stay on objective, they can now push the enemy back
  • Bots use the new communication feature and say Atacking, Defending, push and so on.


  • Wrecking Ball use now his grapple
  • Genji and Hanzo can climb walls (sometimes)
  • Brigitte Bot use now her Melee


  • added all Control Point Maps


  • You can play CTF, FFA, TDM on every Control Map (like Illios)

If you find navigation issues post a picture or tell me what happend. See ya


I liked this mode, good work!

Overall pretty good, especially the path finding for the bots worked flawless. But the bots seems too easy to play against, much easier than the hard AI, in many cases when I attack a bot, it completely ignored me.

That has to do with the current target system. MY bots already use the updated version. IF a bot team is too ez for you change the damage they do. I have no difficult system atm. My bots won the most matches against hard ai :smiley:

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Agree, I dont know what is the maximum turn rate the workshop can use right now, it seem like that even setting it to 10000 turn rate, it still cannot keep up to a fast strafing player😂

can you be my friend DalgonAI?
I also make gamemodes and i want more friends who make gamemodes.

  • We could give eachother feedback on gamemodes or other things in the workshop and we could… have… fun?..

Oh btw i own a blizzard group “Mostly Overwatch Workshop” where me and my freinds post our gamemodes there in channels ,(some of our gamemodes.) and ppl who join can play those gamemodes. Also it already has 113 members. Do any of you want to join if you do reply to this post.

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add me DalgonAI#2713

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ty,i did it. (must have 20 characters)

Would these work on a skirmish? My brother and I frequently warm up in skirmish matches playing against each other with a team of 5 hard AI each. And of so, would they need to be on specific maps still?

Load the mode and just play
you can play on all control maps first map only. ill add more january

Make it self contained and importable!

Does it have every hero as like bots? Do you have an Echo Bot?

Check out the newest version: Custom Legendary Bots 7.0 patch notes + Doom Bots preview

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Amazeballs, man!

Somebody offer this guy a job on the Overwatch team since nobody else seems to be able to handle the AI programming like this!


New little update info available, yes Echo Bot is available too.


you never accepted it…

You didnt send me one. maybe you wrote my name wrong? add me: DalgonAI#2713 (not DalgonAL)

Looking forward to another great update. :+1:

I’m gonna’ miss having snipers, though. I kinda’ like being shot in the face!

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In 10.0 Bots can play TDM too (extra code), Only counts for the CP maps: Ilios, Nepal, Lijiang, Oasis