Custom Bots 5.0 Release - Patch Notes

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The new Bots are now live (they work like custom bots on all control maps 1). They join automatic and fill always empty slots. Here the full patch notes and the CODE: RBWW61

Patch Highlight - New Target System

In the last version bots always focused the closest target to them, so they try to kill a zenyatta during ult or attacking death people. The new system focus a target now based on this priority rating. Higher rank = Higher Focus. Here the values that change the priority:

  • Hero Target - Default Rating (Sniper highest default priority)
  • Used Ability 1 - little increase
  • Used Ability 2 - little increase
  • Use Ultimate - Highest focus
  • Has Ultimate ready - higher focus
  • Has low health - higher focus
  • Use Sniper Rifle (Widowmaker only) - Highest focus (like ult)
  • Is unkillable or stealth - No Focus (Bots ignore the target)

General Updates

  • Updated heal core behavior (bot no longer look at position 0, if no heal target)
  • Added Healthpack waypoints, so Sombra can hack them
  • The first Push the bots do is always together
  • Bots wait in spawn room until no player is dead
  • Bots use Symmetra Teleports
  • Bots wait 2 sec in spawn to let Symmetra Bot go first (first push only)
  • Bots can now Melee
  • Bots can now Reload whenever they want
  • Improved Server performance

Hero Updates

  • Sombra Bot now understands what stealth mean
  • Sombra Bot can now hack health packs
  • Lucio Bot use his ultimate now to protect allies first
  • Dva Bot can now use Defensive Matrix
  • Moira Bot can now Dash
  • Doomfist Bot cancel his ult earier if he can smash a target
  • Ana Bot can now use her Grenade on herself
  • Ana Bot now focus targets with nanoboost thta has very low health
  • Babtiste Bot no longer focus enemies first
  • Babtiste Bot no longer use his ultimate on enemies
  • Symmetra Bot now place better teleports

IM not finished the next big patch come online together with the next overwatch major patch. Report every bug you found


Very interesting, how did you manage to make bots use sym tp tho? I thought we dont have access to player objects yet.

he probably just created a variable on syms location when she presses E and told all bots to go there and press F

thats how i would do it


Whenever bots see an enemy they hold the interact button

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That’s some advanced stuff, I love how the bots greet each other and you before the round starts, and how they reply “understood” when you inform your ult charge.

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Shame that the default bots get stuck a lot, plus the headshot bug (headshots not registering anymore for them).

Late 2018 were the best times I had with bots, since the AI pathing was more basic, but it never got stuck; I especially miss the times, when they would flank you underneath on Oasis: University.

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Btw sorry to bother but do you have a version for team deathmatch? I wanted some to use with the new workshop maps haha

i had an ai but its no longer active. At the moment i work on my free roaming system for the bots to make it easier to add them for every other map :smiley:
short: no

I think whenever Ana ults she nanos herself.

Can you make it so the bots pick roles that are needed?

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I add this next major patch


That’s great. Love your work.