Custom Legendary Bots 6.0 - Patch Notes March 20, 2020

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The new Bots are now live (they work like custom bots on all control maps 1). They join automatic and fill always empty slots. Here the full patch notes and the CODE: 7CQ2P

Patch Highlight - Free Roaming System

Bots no longer follow static paths. They can now find their own way to their current target. Waypoints on the map help them. The new system allows the bots to select a go to target and then they try to reach it. This system is in alpha, so its possible that bots can stuck. If you find issues report them here.

Navigation System Updates

  • Bots having <50% health try to go to the closest health pack
  • Widowmaker Bots can now use Sniper Spots and Grapple Spots
  • Sombra Bots can now better hack health packs
  • Bots can now chase enemies
  • Healer Bots can now search damaged allies and follow them.

General Updates

  • Busan 1, Ilios 1 and Lijian Tower 1 use the new navigation system (other maps are temporarily disabled)
  • Improved server performance

Hero Updates

  • Ana Bot now focus damaged allies first
  • Ana Bot now can use heal grenade on herself
  • Ana Bot use Nanoboost on low health allies
  • Ashe Bot now use her Scope
  • Babtiste Bot can now use his super jump
  • Babtiste Bot focus now damaged allies
  • Babtiste Bot can now reload
  • Brigitte Bot use now her Repair Packs on allies
  • Bastion Bot Turret logic updated
  • Genji Bot now chase player during ult
  • Hanzo Bot can now use Sonic Arrows
  • Lucio Bot switch to Speed if no damaged player is in his radius
  • Lucio Bot follows damaged allies in range
  • Fixed some issues with Lucio Bot ult
  • Mercy Bot try now to find allies if she cant see an ally
  • Pharah Bot can now fly
  • Torbjörn Bot can now place turrets
  • Widowmaker Bot can now use her grapple hook
  • Widowmaker Bot can now use sniper spots

Known Issues

  • Moira Bot spam her heal in Spawnroom
  • Bots try to go to empty health packs
  • Widowmaker Bots try to use scope without seeing enemies
  • Echo Bot has issues with her fly ability
  • Echo Bot has issues with her ult if she copy complex heroes like Bastion or Mercy
  • Symmetra Bot cant use Teleport
  • Reinhardt Bot try to chase enemies in 1v6
  • Tracer Bots rarely use abilities
  • Junkrat and Mei AI are outdated
  • Dva ult Dodge works not always

Is it possible to increase the cycle between F1 and F12 (that is, an automatic viewer cycle) in the third or first person in the script?

Symmetra can’t use turrets, which is not listed
Moira Spams her heals in the spawn room before match starts


The Symmetra Turrets are permanently disabled because bots cant shoot them. The Moira issue is now on the list


The AI doesn’t target Torb’s turret either from my experience. May need to disable that as well.

yes but i found a way to allow it. Torbjörn Bot and player destroy their turret automatically after a specific time.


I mean if a player or the default Torbjorn bot are put against them.

Hopefully they’ll fix it.

who is the lastest version with public code? i loved and it’s really cool made bot vs bot battles xD

i expect one day that spectate cam be random alternate to all 12 players and we can create good things too ;D

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March 20 2020?

Is this Doom Eternal?

I could’ve saved that money… Oh well.

V7.0: ARM3M V10.0: coming very soon with tdm, ctf, ffa support :slight_smile:


feedback v7:

i.imgur .com/svfPnle.png

2 mercy and dont move

Use my newest Mode V10.0. Its now live: Custom Legendary Bots V10 (300 Rules!)- Final Patch Notes + TRAILER

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