Custom Legendary Bots - The End

I work now 9 months on my main project: Custom Legendary Bots V10 (300 Rules!)- Final Patch Notes + TRAILER The custom Bots you should all know. The main problem is that the Attention this project gets is not really high. The hype was patch 3.0-4.0 with hours of test sessions. I dont cancel this project. I still work on all Core modes and add bot support for all maps but not official! I do this private and upload some videos to continue my bot channel. V10.0 is the last public patch you see. But is the attention the only problem? No, when i see people prefer coop vs ai over my bots and dont even share the bots with their groups is it a clear sign to end the support.

Doom Bots? This is a special mode in wip. If doom Bots will see the public is not clear but after didnt find 6 people for some test sessions… so the answer should be clear!

Survival arena? Another special mode in wip. This mode has a chance for a public release but there will be no public tests sessions.

Maybe there will be patches in the future but its up to you. Have a nice day.


yo if you need help testing the modes, I am always happy to help. I love your legendary bots custom game and would love to help you test your projects

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my discord: 27#6524 since i don’t check the forums very often

Aww, I hope this gets updated more, and I hope the survival arena comes out one day! It would be perfect for how well your Ai’s work!


Respect to you, for the great work on the custom bots, considering the limitations of the coding.

Would be great if they add the option for custom skins on the bots as well as voicelines. :+1:

Wish the default bots were not only updated also, but add the other event bots like Mercy, Junkrat, Symmetra (Junkenstein) and Orisa (Uprising).

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I’d love to help, but unfortunately I’m on PS4. I was just talking to a friend the other day on how this mode would make the default AI obsolete if it had all maps. Best of luck to you, and hopefully we’ll see more patches in the future. :smiley:


Your game mode is really fantastic. I hope blizzard pays attentions to your game mode. or at least players introduce your game mode to their friends​:tulip::tulip: