Custom Legendary Bots 7.0 patch notes + Doom Bots preview

Code for Bots 7.0: ARM3M

You wanna join public tests? ADD ME: DalgonAI#2713 (last letter is an i not an l (!)).

Patch notes (Normal Bots 7.0)

Patch Highlight - Bot Role Behavior

  • New Behavior Sniper added for Widowmaker Bots
  • New Behavior Hack added for Sombra Bots

General Comment: Last patch i added the free roam system for bots that allow them to navigate to every position i want (only if they can reach it). I used this system primary for the new healthpack logic that allows bots to go to a healthpack for some healing. The older system with static paths made it nearly impossible to add it. NOW i worked deeper on this system and added 2 new Behaviors: Sniper (Widowmaker only) and Hack (Sombra only)

Sniper Behavior Comment: Widowmaker have already a sniper behavior in patch 6.0 but its terrible. Now Widowmaker can go to a grapple start spot, use it to enter high ground and then go to a sniper spot (it gives only sniper spot in combo with grapple). Widow maker is at the moment the most script intensive bot i’ve ever made. The got a big rework too (again :confused: ), but she is know a strong enemy.

Hack Bevaior Comment: Sombra Bots can hack healthpacks if they see them, but she never focused a single healthpack. Now: Sombra roam to hack single healthpacks. At the moment bots dont know if the healthpack is hacked but i try to fix it in this build or in 8.0 .


  • Bots will now pick 2-2-2
  • If player pick a hero before the bots spawn (5 sec. after assembling heroes), the bots will pick missing roles (2-2-2).
  • Updated out of combat bot facing
  • Bots standing on healthpacks wait now, if the healthpack is on cooldown.
  • If an healthpack is on cooldown other bots will try to go to an other healthpacks.


  • Ashe Bot has improved logic for using her shotgun
  • Zarya Bot can now shield allies
  • Fixed some Mercy Bot issues
  • Fixed a bug that prevent Hanzo Bots using ultimate if no Zarya player was in the team
  • Hanzo Bot try now to combine his ult with Zarya Bot ults
  • Tracer Bot can now use blink offensively
  • Bastion Bot know now when he use turret
  • Moira Bot can’t heal player before the game starts
  • Symmetra Bot can now use Teleport

Bugs under investigation

  • Bots try to use healthpacks hacked by the enemies
  • Dva Ult dodge don’t work

Doom Bots

Doom Bots is the first ever mode beside my 6 month AI project. And the first that use my core AI.

What is Doom Bots?
Doom Bots are 6 hero bot team that have improved abilities and were made for a big 6 human team challenge.
Doom Bots work with my 6.0 Core AI (public release with 7.0 AI!) and is only available in public tests. Here a List of all supported heroes and what they can.

Doom Bots

  • Ana Doom Bot: Start with Ult + Ult reset for every elimination (can ult herself)
  • Bastion Doom Bot: Has infinite Ult (40% damage reduction)
  • Doomfist Doom Bot: Has high damage, but its reduced based on his missing health + no ability cooldowns
  • Torbjörn Doom Bot: Burn player hit by Torbjörn for 3 sec + longer Overload (24sec)
  • Symmetra Doom Bot: Can use Turrets + Higher ult charge
  • Mccree Doom Bot: Can flash all player within 20m range that are in line of sight + rapid fire Secondary
  • Mei Doom Bot: Freeze all player within 20m range if using iceblock + Execute all player that have “Frozen” longer than 3 sec.
  • Ashe Doom Bot: Has infinite Bob Ult
  • Winston Doom Bot: Has infinite Ult
  • Sigma Doom Bot: More Ultimates
  • Brigitte Doom Bot: 70% damage reduction during ult
  • Hanzo Doom Bot: Can only use Storm Arrows (infinite), but deal 40% reduced damage
  • Sombra Doom Bot: Global Ult hack for 5 sec, sombra is unkillable when she use Hack
  • Reinhardt Doom Bot: Can use global Ult, but player can dodge it in the air
  • Genji Doom Bot: Has increased stats during ult (+ 50% movement speed, + 20% damage reduction +100% damage )
  • Tracer Doom Bot: Get ult reset after killing a player

This mode is not available for download but i try to bring a stable alpha version as soon as possible.


Would be great, if you could change both the dummy and default bot skins, a bit like how the Archives and Junkenstein events do.

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Bots are now live. Code: ARM3M

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Some bots e.g. Reinhardt aren’t using their abilities like shield anymore; a Reinhardt bot ran directly into the enemy, but didn’t do anything.

I just played with your bots for the first time and it’s a very multiplayer-like experience, congratulations!

I still don’t understand why they don’t develop more bots. Since the beginning of the game there are the same bots, it would be nice if they added more.

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i needed around 6 months for this 2-3 hours daily. Maybe that is the reason.

hey sorry to bother but i want to know if it’s possible to make each team have specific heroes. it is probably possible but i rly suck at workshop and coding. Is there an easy way to do this?

I think i can add this for the patch 10.0 coming on sunday :smiley:

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