Custom Legendary Bots 10.1 - Preview (1/4)

Main Article: Custom Legendary Bots V10 (300 Rules!)- Final Patch Notes + TRAILER

Preview dates: 19, 21,28,30 June Release: 1st July


  • Added Assault and Hybrid Game Mode
  • Added all Assault Maps


  • Bastion Bots will no longer always use their Turret, if they see an enemy.
  • Sigma Bots use their ult now correctly
  • Reinhardt and Brigitte Bots will no longer cancel her shield for 0.5 sec, if they see an enemy
  • Fixed a bug that prevents Soldier bots from using Sprint without cancel.
  • Reaper Bots will now use Shadow Step if they are in Air but not if they Jump
  • Some Bots with automatic Fire continue shooting without seeing an enemy

AI Active

  • Ana Bots don’t heal
  • Soldier Bot can’t Sprint
  • Player message destroy, if any player cancel AI Active
  • Updated Player Message
  • Teammate get a message too if a player use AI Active
  • Fixed a bug with the timer (was 10 sec instead of 30sec)
  • Player must now press melee without seeing an enemy to cancel ai mode


  • Bots use now their real names in POTG instead of “Unknown”
  • Bots have now Playercards at the end of the game


  • Communication Update

Looking foward to this update, keep up the good work hope we can see payload/escort mode someday =))))

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read this post: Custom Legendary Bots - The End - #7 by Jinx-23331

My offline Bots support all Assault, Hybrid Maps, and some payload maps. Maybe i release them as a final patch.


I dont understand what it has to do with my post, and i dont understand why you repeat it under my other posts. the default AI is bad, they only did the basic and they will never add updates for ov bots, cuz it makes no profit and dont increase the player base. If you wanna play against/with real bots, then use my bots. Greetings

you should definitely release them as a final patch! i love ur bots and it would rly make many people happy to have this final patch


i guess we r not getting the final update :frowning:

Are we able to use third party soft in custom games ? Because making an AI with workshop rules is … well you already know.

Watch now a preview Gameplay for my OV2 Reworked Bots V1: Legendary Custom Bots Rework V1

The old patchnotes are no longer up to date