Ashe just got a cold hard nerf, and it's not in the patchnote

Bob shoots at people within his line of sight, on top of being able to contest points. Molten floor and minefield only deal damage if the enemy touches the dangerous area.

And bob only deals dmg if ppl stand in LOS, or not behind a shield. Bob is more avoidable than both of those. Especially hammond, as any good hammond will drop mines and slam, pulling ppl into all the mines. And both of those are better ults than bob in ranks where people understand to put a shield in front of him, use LOS, sleep, hack, boop etc. Point still remains that this isnt in the notes at all, and could be a bug, and a surprise as they said no balance changes were coming, and this is a big nerf.

she’s still new for a dps meta
she’s easier then both cree and widow tbh

then torb needs a nerf as well, besides bob is alot stronger then torb juice

The reload mechanic is annoying, but I think the issue with her is that Widowmaker is kind of a hard counter to her and Hanzo offers more than Ashe at the same effective range. She’s a trash damage character that doesn’t have shield break and whose best ability is Defense Matrix food, which makes even Soldier 76 a better choice in OWL.

If you’re running like 5 DPS then sure he will be tough to be beat but outside of that most comps have something to deal with bob.

Bob can be cc’ed by heroes, his AI is also that of Torbs turret. Any ult can be disruptive but there are more scenarios where it is not compared to it is.

Hey folks, this is a bug and we’re working on a fix. Apologies for the confusion here, cheers.

edit: For clarity, Ashe should generate ultimate charge while B.O.B. is active after we fix this bug.


Ult generation during B.O.B. is actually intended?

Don’t tell me to swap off Widow,


No longer does… lol

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Cheers Bill :+1:

Patch notes

Fixed a bug that made BOB do less xD


I assume so but I dunno, weirder bug fixes have happened.

She isn’t. Torbjorn, Wrecking ball and Hanzo can.

Hanzo, Torb and Wrecking ball can gain ult while they have ult still out.

Ak! My brain isn’t thinking, sorry, you folks are right.

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She’s not the only Hero and her Ult Charge requirement makes sure she doesn’t get it fast to begin with. If she dies shortly after sending out BOB, she kinda screws herself over by not being able to get some Ult charge to offset her Ult’s lengthy charge time.

Wow, thank you for the reply :ok_hand:

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All good pal.

I think her gaining ult charge while BOB is out is to make up for the fact she can’t one shot (without outside help) and to make up for her kit not being as powerful as Widowmaker’s and her long reload.

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Can someone explain why that would be an intended behavior, though?

I can’t figure out why Ashe would intentionally be an exception to the ultimates-don’t-charge-during-ultimates rule. B.O.B. isn’t like Minefield or Dragonstrike, which can continue to exist for long periods after they cease to be relevant. He has a fixed duration.


I figured something was wrong. I told an Ashe Player to switch off yesterday because they weren’t doing anything and it taking them too long to build a BOB. This explains a lot. Now I can tell them a reason to switch off.

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Thank goodness it’s just a bug.

I was playing her in comp and was absolutely confused why I wasn’t gaining ult charge while he was out.

Ok well can y’all do the same to symmetra? Oh never mind I forgot you guys don’t care about her