CRASHES all the time due Zephrys.Will you fix it this year?


Are you going to fix someday the Zephrys bug that makes this game unplayable due to constantly crashes since November 2, 2021?.

Why yesterday you did a “Maintenance service” and still didn’t fixed this bug?.

This deck you can try, it is unplayable due the game is crashing most (not all) of the times when: 1. Playing your own Zephrys or 2. Your opponent playing Zephrys (it can crash / make disconnects both users) or random crashes I think when: 1. “Discovering” and picking Zephrys with Sphere of Sapience weapon, and other random crashes too just for having Zephrys in a deck…


But specially when playing Zephrys, that will crash the game almost all the times. The first time a user is connected to and enters the game, the first match maybe does not crash the game, but the next matches it will almost every time, and closing & opening will not fix it.


This is the log registry when playing Zephrys and it makes the game crash:

2021-11-13 09:58:13.729: The file ‘none’ is corrupted! Remove it and launch unity again!
[Position out of bounds!]

Some facts (to avoid generic answers that will not help anybody):

  • I have the game and the client updated.
  • I did a fresh game (re)installation (I deleted the entire game folder, and downloaded HS again).
  • I’m on a desktop and using a fresh and supported Windows 10 x64.
  • My network is stable and works perfectly.
  • No antivirus and no firewall rules limitations.
  • I’m playing since years ago, daily, and I don’t remember to have experienced this issue before, at least not this kind of game crashing all the time due playing a specific card.
  • This issue started with the Patch - November 2, 2021.
  • This is a bug from very bad developers that for 1 single bugfix they end introducing 20 new unexpected bugs in EVERY game patch that they release. Always the same with them.

Some bug reports from other users:

November 3, 2021 (1):

November 3, 2021 (2):

November 5, 2021:

November 6, 2021:

November 7, 2021:

November 8, 2021:

November 10, 2021:

November 11, 2021:

November 18, 2021:

November 28, 2021:

Your team had DAILY reports of the same bug, but 12 days have passed and 80 minutes of a “Maintenance service” without applying a fix to this bug yet. That’s why I asked at the beginning of this topic: what kind of developers you are?.

I should still doing the research work and bug confirmation that you the developers should do instead of a end-user like me?.


And yes, this is a exigency, not a humble request, because I’m paying tons of real money for a stable product that at least should let me play a single match of 10 minutes without having multiple crashes.

I’m paying indirectly the developers with the money benefits that Activision Blizzard takes from my purchases. So I clearly demand: developers, do your job to fix these crashes.

Thanks for read.