21.6 Known Issues

I’d prefer if they removed it at this point… Why even making an achievement for a limited time event hero? i dont really care if it may come back in the future, just dont make an achievement like battleground did is better. Its been bugged for a lot of time so whats even the point to fix it? just remove it!

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Just to let you know, after the latest update I have tried Sheldras Moontree again and he is still causing a crash for me. (Sheldras Moontree - Game Crash Bug) I don’t know if it’s a “me” problem or general problem.

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My tasks are still stuck on Vol’Jin quest #14 now for more than a week. it says that the quest is completed, but I can’t claim any rewards…
Please fix as this is taking a precious merc task slot !!!


I had my Blacksmithing Hammer shuffled back into my deck by Glide after it had already been traded once. When I drew it again, it had lost its durability buff. Is this the intended interaction? I know tradeable cards keep their enchantments when they go back in the deck, but is that only when they were traded?

Can you fix the interaction between Talented Arcanist and Cram Session? Only draws one card despite the card text saying “draw 3”.

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Yes, that is intended. The normal rule is that cards lose enchantments when they go back into the deck. The Tradeable keyword is the exception to that normal rule, but the exception is when trading, not just any time the card gets thrown back.

It looks like a subsection of the people who were fixed during last week’s Vol’jin fix ran into another issue following the fix. The team is looking into it now.

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What about Diablo achievements?


Hello, another gamebreaking Mercenary Bug which makes Rend Blackhand invincible when using Diablos treasure Ability „Deal 15 Damage to all enemies when killing an enemy with fire damage“.
I made a video since my English is poor and I can’t describe the bug properly. I hope YouTube links are allowed.

CRASHES all the time due to Zephrys. Will you fix it in this year?

November 3, 2021 (1):

November 3, 2021 (2):

November 5, 2021:

November 6, 2021:

November 7, 2021:

November 8, 2021:

November 10, 2021:

November 11, 2021:


Mr. Smite’s first ability does not work as written in the English description. On level 2 it says “10 or less” health, yet it does not give bonus att if the enemy is at exactly 10 hp.

Also, reaching lvl 30 with him still gets you the Garrosh achievement. I thought that was fixed.

Welp, look forward to seeing everyone in the new 21.8 Known Issues Thread!

Don’t worry in the new thread we will be ignored just as much as we are here.

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They released a new patch, and still didn’t fixed this bug:


This company is going to lose a lot of users and money due this. Because PEOPLE CAN’T PLAY THE GAME.

I can’t complete the mercenaries tutorial. Before the last boss I have only 2 mercs left and I simply can’t win. Merc can’t be ressurected, tutorial can’t be restarted. So I can’t play the game.

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I been running into issues in battlegrounds where every so often, I defeat an opponent, and it shows them losing health, but in the next buy round their total health on the side bar remains unchanged and it shows that we tied. Just had this happen in a game against Diablo where he was my last opponent. He was using beasts and I was using elementals.

We have started rolling out a fix for the small percentage of players who were not properly fixed in the original Vol’jin fix.

I’m seeing an issue where you cannot play in parties for Battlegrounds. Once a friend accepts the invite the play button just shows ‘Waiting’ and we can’t start searching for a match.